Rural dogs are not easy to lose, but pet dogs in the city often lose. What do you think is the reason for this?

5 thoughts on “Rural dogs are not easy to lose, but pet dogs in the city often lose. What do you think is the reason for this?”

  1. As the saying goes: "Dogs are not too poor at home, and children are not too ugly." Dogs are the most loyal animals. Of course, the dog here refers to the "earth dog". Turkey has a good name "Chinese Rural Dog". Turkey has lived with our ancestors for thousands of years. It is the most evolved dog. It has a strong ability to survive. The loyalty of the local dog is the
    why is it easy for local dogs to get lost, but pet dogs often get lost?
    The loss of dogs is very common, but it is difficult for dogs to lose. I think the main reason is because the dog is loyal to the master and loyal to the house. Dogs are willing to follow the owner. No matter how difficult life is, dogs are not afraid. The local dog is very good at identifying the way home. Every time he goes out, he always finds the way home, but pet dogs can't find it. The noses of local dogs and pet dogs are very sensitive, but the local dogs are more family -oriented, and they will definitely find the way home. My family has a four -eyed dog. Since I bought it from the market, the dog always followed me on the first day when I arrived at home. From childhood to most people, this is very tricky. Call it "Little Black". Coming soon. Since I often go down the ground, I naturally take away my puppy. I remember that once I walked to the upper half of the mountain and met a few strangers, Xiao Hei was scared away. I thought the puppy was lost because he was back. It's almost an hour on the road. After returning home, I found Xiao Hei at home. I'm really surprised. When I went up the mountain for the first time, I remembered the way home. It can be said that the dogs pay attention to the family and know where his home is. Local dogs are loyal to their masters, while pet dogs are different. As long as the dog is good to him, he will follow his identity. It can be said that he is not familiar with him.
    The pet dogs can be taken away as long as they seduce them with food, but local dogs should be cautious. They are vigilant when they meet strangers, and pet dogs will shake their tails when they meet strangers. It can be said that pet dogs are not distinguished or bad. The native dog is not too poor at home, no matter how much he eats, he is only loyal to the owner. Pet dogs are different. Pet dogs are used to be spoiled. If they don't want to live, they may run away from home. Pet dogs have poor living ability. Of course, pet dogs usually live in cities. Urban transportation is complicated and the traffic is large. Although the dog's nose is very sensitive, various odors are easy to cover up. In addition, air pollution in cities is more serious than rural areas. There is no reason not to go home. Although local dogs have better survivability than pet dogs, whether it is a local dog or a pet dog, once it is lost, the opportunity to survive is relatively small. Do you have any good ways to prevent dogs from getting lost?
    In short, the loyalty and family care of local dogs are the main reason for it. Pet dogs are familiar with this. In his heart, the identity of the owner and strangers is the same, so it is difficult for a dog to find the way home. Moreover, it is easy to leave home. It can be said that the soil mouse is the most loyal dog and the dog that is most suitable for rural areas. Once the local dog recognizes that you are its owner, it will always be loyal to you.

  2. It is because the pet dog in the city is relatively high and there is no awareness of prevention. The native dogs in the countryside are generally fierce and no one dares to approach.

  3. I think most of the pet dogs are famous dogs. Some dog traffickers sell money with pets. No one buys the dogs and lost less.

  4. It is mainly because the countryside is an acquaintance society. Everyone who raises the dogs knows what it looks like, and the neighbors will pick it up when they lose their neighbors, and the interpersonal relationships in the city are very unfamiliar.

  5. It is because it is easy to find your own home in the countryside, but it is easy to get lost in the high -rise buildings in the city.

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