5 thoughts on “It is also a dog. Why is the loss rate of "pet dogs" higher than that of "Turkey"?”

  1. Now more and more people raising dogs as partner dogs in life, so you will see many people walking dogs on the road, but have you found that most of the dog search for dogs are pet dogs, not native dogs, not native dogs Woolen cloth? So why is the loss rate of pet dogs higher than that of soil dogs? Let's take a look together.
    The reason 1. Compared with the native dogs in the countryside, most of the pet dogs in the city are raised in the home circle. Maybe only under the leadership of the owner can we go out for a while, where the place comes, and there There are only a few that are not familiar with the surrounding environment. Once you lose it, it is difficult to find the way home.
    The soil dogs in the countryside live more freely and can run around in the village, so they are more familiar with the surrounding environment. Even if they go to the village next door, they can find the way home.
    The reason 2. Pet dogs are often remembered to see beautiful things. Many people will like it. The face value of pet dogs is much better than that of earth dogs, and the price will be higher than the soil dogs. Pet dogs can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars as soon as they turn their hands, so pet dogs are often the first choice for stealing dog thieves.
    . The native dogs in the countryside are almost everywhere. It is more common and not worthy. Most people are not rare. In contrast, they are selected by pet dogs, so pet dogs in the city will easily lose.
    The reasons 3. Different people's relationships. Because many uncivilized dog raising behaviors in recent years, many people hate dogs, and the relationship between urban residents is relatively sparse and cold. Some people even see your dogs. If you lose it, you won't tell you.
    but people living in the countryside are different. They live together for a long time, and most of them are related to blood. When you have anything to do with your family, everyone will help Don't say that the dogs at home are lost, and people will take the initiative to tell you when they see it, and even help you find it.
    The reason 4. When everyone knows the tags of the dogs, when everyone knows that the dogs are walking, the dogs will walk on the road while peeing as a mark. Essence However, the demands of dogs in the city are relatively high. In order to beautify the environment and improve the quality of life, the dogs are not allowed to urinate anywhere, so you can't find the way home if you lose it.
    Sess dogs in rural areas are mostly free, and the requirements for raising dogs are not so strict. Therefore, dogs in rural areas can be freely marked with locations, and even if they go far, they can find the way home.
    The reason 5. Although the personality of the dog is not as good as the city's law and order, the dogs in the countryside are very vigilant. When you see a stranger, you will remind the owner by barking. It is more alert to strangers and is generally not easy to be deceived.
    The most pet dogs in the city are held in the palm of the hand by the owner. The personality is more docile and the relatives are relatively greedy. Some dogs are still greedy. The Lord is best to conduct related training for dogs, so that dogs should not be easily deceived. It is best to match some snacks during training, which is better.
    The reason 6. It is easy to lose from the design of the house, and it has something to do with the design of the house. Because of the urbanization construction, the houses in the general cities are very similar, and the building is dense. This is very dense. This is very dense. This is very dense. This is very dense. It will cause confusion to the dog, and many communities have access control. Without the leadership of the owner, the dog cannot enter, so many dogs become stray dogs like this.
    The houses in the countryside are generally thinner. The houses are designed by the owner themselves. They are more distinctive. The dog's recognition is relatively high.

  2. The following is what I analyzed. I think it should be
    1. Many varieties of pet dogs are running away by strangers a snack, soil dogs are not, so dog traffickers still steal more pet dogs
    2.500 dollars are in in Buy a stubborn pet dog, 500 yuan to buy a particularly good earth dog, pet dog is more expensive than soil dogs, more people steal pet dogs
    3. Pet dogs with pure bloodlines will buy a black market and sell at high prices at high prices , Pet dogs with poor bloodlines will be eaten. Regardless of whether or not the earth dogs will be sold to the black market
    4. Turkish dogs are looking at home nursing homes. Pet dogs are not, so pet dogs are easy to get lost.

  3. Drive. The price of pet dogs itself is relatively high, and there are more people who like it, so people who steal the dog also like to steal, and there is basically no one for the earth dogs. Naturally, there is no need to steal.

  4. Generally speaking, the recognition ability of pet dogs is lower than that of earth dogs. It is not as well memorized by the owner's position and is easy to lose. The second is that most pet dogs are more expensive and will be stolen.

  5. Most of the native dogs are civilians. Pet dogs are raised by dog ​​lovers. Dogs who love dogs are not just casual, and they are not psychologically abnormal. They are still scum. Dogs, can all kinds of dogs, all kinds of dogs, are the products of perverted dog lovers.

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