How to keep the dog warm in winter?

My Bomei dog has been sleeping with people since I was a child. Now I have trained it to sleep by myself. Recently, the weather has become cold, and it will be cold in the middle of the night. There is a thick mattress on the ground. It seems that there is no effect. Is there any other better way? What's more?

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  1. When the winter is approaching, the pet dog we raise sometimes shakes after the cold winter comes, and our parents are worried. Winter is an important season for the management of dog breeding in my country. We need to adjust the management of dog breeding and focus on cold protection and warmth in order to prevent dogs from suffering from respiratory diseases and arthritis. This winter, we must pay special attention to preventing dogs from being rained, especially after exercise, it is easy to cause colds and infect respiratory diseases. So how to keep the dog warm in winter, and how to keep the dog warm in winter? The following is what I said to you:
    The dogs playing on the snow
    It like a person to prevent dogs from catching colds. A better way is to prevent cold. Keep warm, pave the thick. Second, we must often change the cushion in the kernel nest. It is often exposed to sunny days. While sterilization, it should be warm. Although it is cold in winter, we must take the dog out to exercise early early and noon to enhance the dog's resistance. In the warm winter, let the dog get the sun, sterilize, and promote the absorption of calcium at the same time, which has a good health effect on pet dogs.
    This dog lovers think that long -haired dogs are not afraid of cold. This is wrong. Although long -haired dogs are cold -resistant, they will still be afraid of cold in special circumstances and accidentally cause a cold. When the hair is not long enough, long hair puppies are particularly concerned because they are particularly afraid of sudden cold and cold wind.
    The method of helping puppies to resist cold:
    This can be placed in some clean blankets, thick towels, etc. to help puppies warm. If the puppy is bought home alone, it is difficult to snuggle and warm each other because they are separated from the group. Don't let the puppy freeze to death in a poor ventilation place. Especially puppies at 6-8 weeks are more likely to get cold. If you do n’t understand cooking, it is best to buy some puppies in winter. Warm, or wait until it is old. This resistance will be stronger.
    This management of pet dogs in winter should pay attention to the temperature of the dog's nest. It is recommended to keep it at 13-15 ° C. In order to prevent the wind in the winter thief, you need to hang a straw rope at the door of the dog's nest and cover the plastic cloth on the window. If there is a puppy at this time, you can use a plastic shed to keep warm, and the effect is very good. If you have the conditions, you can use infrared lamps to shoot, build fire walls on the wall, etc. Generally, dog beds should be configured with thick pads on it, and they should be shifted frequently to keep them dry. When the weather is hot, expose the sun more, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.
    The focus of the management of winter camps is to prevent cold and keep warm. Grasp the sunbathing to make sunbathing for dogs. This can effectively improve the dog's resistance and prevent the occurrence of winter respiratory diseases and rheumatism.
    The cold winter should also pay attention to the regulation of dog food. In winter, dogs have large digestive energy and need to increase the supply of energy feed. You can add high energy cream, internal organs and foods containing a large amount of vitamin A and fat ingredients to dog food. This can quickly replenish heat and enhance the dog's cold resistance.

  2. The weather is cold in winter, and the focus of management during this period should be kept on cold insulation to prevent breathing. Pay attention to the cold and heat preservation. After exercise, it can be caused by the rainy wind and the tide temperature of the dog. It may also be severely secondary to respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

    The effective measures to prevent colds are cold -proof insulation, thickened mattress, and pay attention to replacement in time to keep dry and prevent cold wind; when the sun is sunny, strengthen the outdoor sports of the dog to enhance the dog's dogs to enhance the dog's dog Physical constitution improves dog resistance. Make dogs in the sun not only heating, but also ultraviolet rays in the sun also have the effects of disinfection and sterilization, and can promote the absorption of calcium, especially the growth and development of the bones of puppies, and prevent puppies from suffering.
    Even the long hair variety, because there is no long dog hair, insufficient resistance, especially afraid of sudden cold and cold wind blowing. There are several ways to help puppies to protect the cold: you can put some clean old blankets, thick towels, etc. in the nest, helping puppies to warm up. If you buy the puppies alone and raise it, because you have been separated from the group, it is difficult to warm each other with snuggling. Don't put the puppy in a too ventilated place to prevent freezing. Especially the 6-8 weeks of puppies are the most likely to have a cold. If you don't know cooking, it is best not to buy puppies in winter. After heating or waiting for it, buy it a little older. Its resistance will be stronger.

    The temperature in the winter dog house should be kept between 13-15 ° C. The door of the dog can hang grass, the windows can be sealed with plastic cloth, and the puppy's circle can also imitate the heating of plastic greenhouses. At the same time, it must block all gaps in the walls to prevent the thief from invading the wind. If you have the conditions, you can use infrared lights to illuminate, built fire walls between the walls, etc. Generally, the dog bed should be configured with thick pads on it. When the sun is warm, let the dogs expose the sun, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.

    The temperature in winter is cold. Pay attention to cold insulation and sunbathing to prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases and rheumatism in winter.

    This management must first grasp the cold protection and warmth of the dog. Move the dog to the place where the yang backwind, and hang the curtain at the entrance of the dog to prevent the cold wind from the people; The thieves are invading, the north wall is broken, the north windows are closed, and the north windows should be paid attention to open the windows and ventilation to keep the air of the dogs clean and fresh, reduce ammonia, and prevent respiratory diseases. It is necessary to take a dog out to act, sunbathing to enhance physical fitness and improve disease resistance. The sun can not only heal, but also the ultraviolet rays have sterilization and disinfection effects, and can promote calcium absorption, which is conducive to the growth and development of dog bones, and to prevent dogs from going to the disease.

    In cold temperatures will cause a lot of thermal energy in the dog's body. Therefore, in winter feed matching, cream, internal organs and vitamin A and fat ingredients should be added. This type of feed should Can quickly replenish heat and enhance the cold resistance of dogs.

  3. Pomeranian dogs are artificial dog breeds, and their ancestors are sled dogs, so Pomeranian dogs have the characteristics of cold cold. You can observe carefully. Snow after snow.
    If you have been sleeping with people from an early age, you can give the dog a transition period. You can use a fiber cotton to make a thicker cushion in the nest. If you don't worry, you can cover the towel on the dog after the dog enters the nest. But this is a transition period, you can slowly pull the towel cover on the body to help the dog's own cold system.
    For long -haired dogs, do not shave dogs without skin diseases in summer. Do not keep the dogs warm in winter. I believe that the body temperature adjustment function of long hair dogs is the body temperature adjustment function.

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