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  1. How to keep the dog warm in winter
    . Strengthen exercise exercise: It is best to let dogs have their own separate beds in winter, put on thick cushions on it, and change diligently, keep dry and sunny, when the sun is sunny and warm, and the sun is warm and warm. Let the dogs expose the sun, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.
    . The sanitary cleaning of the dog house: Due to the cold weather, some dogs are unwilling to go to the outside of the house. It can cause a large amount of body heat. It is recommended to use-disinfection and deodorizing maintenance solution, disinfection deodorization, and give dogs a fresh and safe environment in winter.
    three. Timing with dog bowel movements: Therefore, you should try to reduce the humidity in the house as possible to take the dog to the outside of the house, and clean the dogs to keep the dogs warm, comfortable, clean and dry.
    . The heat and nutritional supplement: The heat consumption of low temperature in the winter temperature is large. If it is fed to energy feed according to normal standards, the energy required for the growth and development of the dog cannot be satisfied.
    5. Add animals and plant oil: Therefore, the feed of dog breeding in winter should be supplemented by the energy, pay attention to the energy supplement. You can use corn, rice and other high energy -containing feed. Essence
    6. Multi -supplement vitamins: If you add a bowl of broth or bone soup to the dog every night, in addition, the demand for vitamins in winter dogs is also higher than other seasons. Therefore, the supply of vitamins must be sufficient.
    It hope it will be helpful to you! ~

  2. You can use infrared light heater to keep warm, do not use hot water bottle, and easily burns. There is no need for heating. Just spread a cushion. Outdoors need to nail the dogs to prevent wind. Dogs can slowly adapt to the cold, but not cold and hot.

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  3. If you are northeast, the dog is short -haired, you can buy clothes, and if the dog is not living outdoors, it is usually enough to buy clothes. If a dog lives outside the dog's nest, it is best to set up a curtain at the door of the dog's nest, so as to block the wind.

  4. Drink warm water; do not eat cold things; Xiaowo should be warm; do not take it out often; the number of baths should be reduced. If you have conditions, you can take a bath tyrant and dry it immediately after bathing; Physical condition

  5. What kind of species? Just buy a dog pad and put it indoors. Ordinary breeds can make a large carton and put some clothes and put them outdoors. As long as there is a solid function, a small place can solve the problem.

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