1 thought on “Winter pet cold -resistant method in winter to help pet dogs protect the cold in winter”

  1. 1. In the cold temperature, it will cause a large amount of thermal energy in the dog's body. Therefore, in winter feed, cream, internal organs and foods containing vitamin A and fat ingredients should be added. Enhance the cold resistance of dogs.

    2. Put some clean old blankets, thick towels, etc. in the nest, which helps puppies to warm up. If you buy the puppies alone and raise it, because you have been separated, it is difficult to snuggle and warm each other.

    . Do not put the baby puppy in a place too ventilated to prevent freezing. Especially the 6-8 weeks of puppies are the most likely to have a cold. If you don't know cooking, it is best not to buy puppies in winter. After heating or waiting for it, buy it a little older. Its resistance will be stronger.

    4. The temperature of the dog's nest of dogs in winter should be kept between 13-15 ° C. The puppy's kernel's nest can also imitate the heating of plastic greenhouses. At the same time, all gaps in the walls must be blocked to prevent the thief from invading the wind. If you have the conditions, you can use infrared lights to illuminate, built fire walls between the walls, etc. Generally, the dog bed should be configured with thick pads on it. When the sun is warm, let the dogs expose the sun, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.

    5. Winter temperature is cold. Pay attention to cold insulation and sunbathing to prevent winter respiratory diseases and rheumatism.

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