2 thoughts on “How to keep warm in winter”

  1. 1. The temperature of the dog nest in winter is best controlled at 13-15 degrees. If there is no heating or air conditioner in the home, you can place some clean old blankets, bedding, and clothes in the nest to achieve warmth, and often dry to reduce bacteria.

    2. Place the dog's nest in the front of the sun. You can hang a curtain at the door of the dog's nest to prevent the cold wind from invasion. On a sunny day, it is necessary to ventilate properly to keep the air in the nest fresh. The sun can not only heat up, but also the effect of sterilization and calcium supplementation.

    3, do not cut the dogs in winter for the beauty, thick hair is the most effective measure to resist cold. Dogs with skin diseases should keep warm and prevent colds after shaving.

    4, the temperature of the morning and evening in the morning and evening of winter is low, try not to bring dogs during this period. When walking the dog, you can put on your clothes to keep your clothes warm when you walk. You should pay attention to comfort and size when choosing clothes.

    5. It is recommended to reduce the frequency of the dog's bath, comb the hair every day, and control it in half a month. Too many times can easily cause a cold. In addition, do not take a bath immediately after the dog exercise. It needs to rest for about 40 minutes to wash.

    6, diet should avoid cold, you can add vegetables to the food to help enhance resistance.

  2. If you want to keep warm for the puppy, you can go to the pet shop to buy a clothes for the dog, and try not to take it to play outside in winter. Home, puppy will not be frozen.

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