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  1. cannot.
    The different types of transportation can be divided into four categories: aviation consignment, train consignment, car consignment, and ship consignment.
    Aviation consignment: using aircraft as transportation tools, suitable for pet transportation of medium and far away;
    train consignment: transportation tools for transportation, suitable for short and medium -distance pet transportation;
    Car consignment: to use Car is the main transportation tool, suitable for short and medium -distance pet transportation;
    ships consignment: ships are used as transportation tools, suitable for transportation for water travel.
    It also transportation of pet cars. On the way, special persons are taken care of. Its safety is high and is not suitable for ordinary people.
    Remarks: According to Article 33 of the Implementation Rules of the Postal Law of the People's Republic of China, various living animals are strictly prohibited. So the courier and logistics companies are usually not allowed to transport living pets!
    It aerial consignment process
    The air consignment is divided into random consignment (taking the same flight with the owner) and separate consignment (pets by pets alone), but no matter which method, the process is basically the same.
    1. An animal quarantine certificate is issued at a qualified pet hospital;
    . The animal quarantine department of the departure place to the animal quarantine department will issue animal health immunization certificates and transportation equipment for transportation;
    . Take relevant certificates to go through the consignment procedures for the Ministry of Freight of the Airlines and pay for the goods;
    . After arriving at the destination, the shipper will extract the goods with the ID card.
    The train consignment and ship check, the entire process is basically similar, but the ship consignment is generally the owner's accompanying pets to buy tickets for pets separately.
    Remarks: In the United States, France, the Netherlands and other countries, some airlines are allowed to enter the cabin with domestic routes or specific countries. At present, HNA in China allows pets to enter the cabin, but only 2 pets are allowed to enter the cabin each of each flight, and only one pet is allowed to bring one pet.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-The Implementation Rules of Post Law of the People's Republic of China

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