6 thoughts on “How to test the dog's intelligence?”

  1. Haha, do n’t test the intelligence of dogs, and the intelligence of Chinese pastoral dogs is also very high.
    I I feel that the key is to train carefully when the dog is young. Pet training, please arrange for your dog for a good pet shop. Our family will go to the toilet at home, hehe ~

  2. If there is no test intelligence, the person test is also a question, and the dog will not. It mainly depends on the progress of their progress when they receive training. The IQ of large and medium -sized dogs is very high. It is better to train. Of course, it is a famous dog. I remember that Satsuma seems to be ranked more than 30, but what moves is fast, so just, just just like it. A few times, but it depends on the dog's personality. The dog's personality is positive, optimistic, fast, and negative. Maybe you don’t take care of you.

  3. The dog does not test intelligence, but it is just to test it fast. Take the Chinese pastoral dog, and there is no difference between famous dogs. My family trains it alone, or it is called "going there", "pick up" these simple passwords for a few minutes to learn, it depends on your training.
    It if the dog is right, you must give it rewards, but it is best not to reward before you do not do it. These are experience.

  4. This has not been tested. If you want to raise a smart dog, you can raise a shepherd dog. It is smarter, but too big, hehe. Dogs are not said to be smart and stupid, but some dogs have poor passwords. For example, when you teach it the first password, it is learned. When teaching the second password, you will learn the second password And forget the first password. So some dogs are "stupid" and some dogs are "smart".

  5. Dogs can go to the toilet by themselves and do not urinate everywhere, so amazing! Intersection I am not at home at home. The dogs have made the house as its big public toilet, and they are everywhere. This must be practiced
    . Understand first

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