3 thoughts on “Where is there a pet market in Wuhan? I want to buy a healthy puppy”

  1. There are puppies for the flower and bird market. Before buying, look at the store environment. Remember to give it a vaccine to take it home.

    The following is the flower and bird market I helped you (I am not in Wuhan's =. =)

    1. Wuhan Flower Market
    Address: Xiongchu Street Yuanbaoshan
    Featured: It belongs to the larger flower market in the urban area, covering an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters. Various flower bonsai is relatively complete, with the flower market at the door, and it can also meet the needs of wedding cars.
    2. Bayi Road Flower and Bird Market
    Address: Wuchang Bayi Road (near Wuhan University)
    Featured: Middle scale, the main operation of flowers in the street, with potted plants and pet shops
    3. Hongshan Road Flower Market
    Address: Next to Hongshan Plaza, Hongshan Road
    Featured: Large scale, operating flowers, pets, bonsai, etc.
    4. Heping Park Flower Bird Market
    Address: Qingshan Heping Park
    Featured: Aoyama's larger flower market, running flowers, aquarium fish, etc., there are high, middle and low -end.
    5. Iron Machine Flower Market
    Address: Unity Avenue Tieji Village
    Featured: large scale, including potting scenic spots, flowers and leaf -viewing plant areas, seedlings and strange stone areas, fish and insects and pet areas.
    6. Following the Gate Flower Street
    Address: Hankou Jiefang Avenue Dafuyuan Supermarket
    Featured: One of the main flowers trading venues in Hankou, in addition to flowers, there are many flower arrangement training points.
    7. Shiqiao Flower Bird Market
    Address: Opposite Yangye Lake Hankou Garden
    Featured: Pets such as flowers and fish and insects
    8. Pinerium Street Flower Bird Market
    Address: Hankou Stadium Road Road Wuhan Sixth Middle School
    Featured: Operating flowers, bonsai, pets, etc.
    9. The embankment flower and bird pet world
    Address: Hankou embankment
    Featured: large scale and integrated, divided into five major areas including pets, pigeons, bonsai, flowers and antique craftsmanship, there are large supporting facilities.
    10. Second Bridge Flower and Bird Pet Market
    Next to the Tiantian Fishing Port under the Second Bridge of the Yangtze River in Hankou.
    The features: There are more flowers and small pets.
    11. Wuhan Parrot Island Flower and Bird Market
    Address: Parrot Avenue Embankment beside 100 storage
    Featured: Various varieties.

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