5 thoughts on “How can the dogs at home be angry?”

  1. If the dog at home is angry, you should give it some delicious things, then approach it, touch it, and let it feel your love for it, and you have to do some work and take it to walk. Do what it likes to accompany it. This is very effective and must be insisted.

  2. First of all, you can give the dog some food, and give them some toys to coax them to play. I believe that as long as you are patient, they will not be angry.
    as long as my dog ​​is angry, I will buy him a lot of delicious food, then put the food in front of me, and then tease him, let him eat my food It proves that he is no longer angry.

  3. If the dog at home is angry, I think the dog is very angry, you take him out for a walk, play the game with him, and give him a lot of snacks after returning home, soothe him to play with him. It should be solved soon, don't worry.

  4. I think you should first soothe him, talk to him with a kind tone, and touch it gently to let him feel your goodwill. In addition, you can also use some snacks he usually likes to seduce him. This is also right. A kind of weak behavior of pets allows him to forgive you.

  5. Sometimes dogs are unstable, and they lack the performance of some elements, just like people. You can feed some nutritious dog food, make some snacks, and take it out for a walk. I train my dog ​​to use a special snack gift package. At the same time, when the dog is calm, it also gives the dog a good education.

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