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  1. Husky is lively and cute, cute and cute. Passionate and friendly, timid and docile. Also known as the demolition captain, there are rich expressions, many people like Husky (details) stupid appearance and cool appearance. So what is the market price of Husky?
    1. Different regions, Husky's price is different
    The economic development level across the country is different, and the consumption level and ability will naturally be different. The price is also different, and some remote areas, the price of Husky will be lower.
    The price of Husky in Beijing: Husky, which is generally average, is generally around 1,500 yuan. If it is a pure type of Husky dog, the price is generally about 3000-5000.
    The price of Husky in Guangzhou: From the current pet dog market, most Husky dogs are between 1500-2000 yuan.
    The price of Husky dogs in Wuhan: If it is an ordinary Husky dog, the price is generally around 1,000 yuan; if it is a good phase and a bloodline, the price is generally around 1,500 yuan.
    The price of the Husky dog ​​in Jinan: Generally speaking, if it is a general Husky dog, the price is about 1,000-2000 yuan.
    2, different levels, the price of Husky Dogs is different
    From the current pet market, generally speaking, the price of Husky is divided into pet dogs raised by the family, the Husky sold by the dog house, and the competition level Husky.
    Family pet Hasci: If it is a pet-level Husky raised by the family, the blood and the product are general, so the price will be slightly lower. Generally speaking, the price is about 3000-4000 yuan.
    This Husky: If it is a Husky sold for a dog house, there will be a special pedigree certificate, and they have been vaccinated with more vaccines, so you can basically ensure the quality of the dog's future life, so the appearance and bloodlines are both Good ones, the price is generally above 3,000 yuan
    see Husky: If it is a race Husky, whether it is a bloodline or the character, there are strict regulations, and even the height and weight of the dog have regulations. And it can accept a difficult environment and can adapt to a variable environment, so the price of dogs will be higher, generally more than 6,000 yuan.
    , but the editor thinks that the pure Husky is really better in all aspects, but in fact, these are not the most important. As long as the dog's health is healthy, the others are secondary.

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  3. Husky due to bloodline and size, different region
    The price is different
    . The puppy is about 5000-6000
    With the same dog, the price is very different
    If if you want to buy a pure -breed dog
    The recommended to buy it at a regular big seller ~

  4. Look at the variety, look at the owner of the store
    Husky generally does not exceed 1500
    The price of 700 is also common.

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