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  1. How much is one? Erha, the price of Erha is 1600-3500

    Husky will run excitedly when he sees the owner when he goes home. In addition to shaking his tail happily, he also seems to be urine. The incontinence suddenly urinated. This strange behavior often makes people know what Husky is. In fact, this kind of excitement is often considered by a behavior to be considered the so -called obedient urine

    how much is the price of the two haha, the Husky (Siberian sled dog), weighing at 25 ~ 60 pounds (16 to 27kg), about 20 to 23.5 inches (51-1500px), is a medium -sized dog. Husky is a primitive ancient dog breed, living in northeast Siberia and southern Greenland. The origin of Husky's name is from its unique hoarseness. Husky has a variety of personality, some extremely timid, and some extremely violence. Husky, who entered the mainland and the family, has no such extreme character. It is more docile. It is a pet dog that is popular in the world. Together with Golden Retriever and Labrador as three major attack dogs. Husky has matured in 8 months and mature in 12 months. It can mature and reproduce when it is mature. It is twice in spring and autumn each year. The pregnancy period is 58-65 days, and 4 to 6 per child. Husky IQ ranks 45th. Husky's average life span is generally around 12 years old.

    Husky personality characteristics

    . Beautiful

    The biggest advantage of Husky is its beautiful and cold appearance, almost every see it Husky people will love from the heart. It seems that there is still a wolf style, just like the return of the king!

    . It is docile and friendly

    Husky's personality is very lively and gentle, and there is almost no active attack on humans. In China, the status of dogs and a docile and friendly Xiaoha can make you and dogs have certain advantages in the surrounding environment, and it is easier to be accepted.

    . Live and active

    Husky likes to play. It can play with you for a few hours. These happiness cannot be described in words.

    . Passion

    The enthusiasm of Husky is incomparable. It will hit your feet at a super fast speed and lick your saliva. The owner who just arrived at home usually rushed over without hesitation.

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