4 thoughts on “Erha can be described as a little star in the pet industry. How much is the gray Husky?”

  1. Husky is named Erha, produced in Siberia. The character is lively and cheerful, and he is particularly loyal to the owner and has high obedience. Husky is a kind of pet dog in the middle body. Because they are more loyal and offensive, this dog is very popular with people, and many people have to use them as pet dogs.
    Iha is a little star in the pet industry. Stupid and cute IQ and image can always bring a lot of fun to the pet owners. Now Husky is also the most popular among dogs, but When the pet owners choose Husky, they will be dazzled by Husky of different colors.
    The color of Erha is very many. The common colors are basically:
    1. Mixed with a little white black Husky.
    2. Pure white Husky
    But this hairy Husky is more rare, so the price will be more expensive than the usual Husky.
    3. Based on gray, the rest of the rest will be deeper or lighter. On the left and right, the price will be different according to different situations.
    4. Some of the wolf gray hair
    This Husky is almost no different from the wolf's hair color, and it is even more similar to the wolf.
    5. The hair color will be flower spots
    is the uneven distribution of hair color. There are irregular colors to fill, which may not be so good in appearance. Of course, there are some special small guys.
    So why do there be so many colors? In fact, it is mainly related to genes, but Erha has no gray hair genes. It is only because black genes interact with red genes, and then they are derived from various gray hair such as gray gray. Take a very simple example. I believe that the friends who have learned painting must know the knowledge point of color adjustment, so the gene interaction of this hair is just like color adjustment interaction. Nature is really incomparable ~
    is complained, different, differently, differently Husky of the color really has a different visual effect, but the essence is not changed. They are one of the three silly two! So the life of your pets will only be richer and richer ~ I don’t act, sign the big baby of your family ~

  2. It costs about 2,000 yuan, because this kind of Husky variety is still relatively noble, and it is guaranteed to be very 2.

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