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  1. GM compoundinopide forrazamine capsule
    has used names
    English name Compound and Capsules
    The pinyin name Fufang Jiaonang
    This This product is capsule, and the contents are pale yellow pills.
    Pharmatology and toxicology This product is compound analgesic drugs. Among them, acetamin has the effects of relieving heat and analgesic. Vajrayanamine has anti -influenza A virus effect. The effects of inflammation, anti -allergies.
    The indication for nasal congestion, sore throat, headache fever, etc., can also be used for popular cold prevention and treatment.
    Plipped 1 capsule once, twice a day (once in the morning and evening). The maximum dose of this product should not exceed 2 capsules a day
    B adverse reactions (1) Occasionally see rash, nausea, vomiting, sweating, abdominal pain, anorexia and pale complexion. The symptoms disappeared after stopping the drug. (2) Occasionally high -speed rail hemoglobin lesions appear purple. Long -term or large use of liver and kidney function will be damaged. (3) Sometimes it can cause hallucinations and mental disorders. Occasionally, there are vague language and unsteady eyeballs. Generally, the central nervous system is excessive or poisoned. (4) For elderly patients, it can cause difficulty in urination and fainting, and often causes position hypotension. (5) Occasionally, white blood cells are reduced. (6) The more stubborn adverse reactions are: attention cannot be concentrated, dizzy, susceptible, anorexia, nervous, purple -red mesh spots or mesh -like green spots, sleep disorders, nightmares, etc. Rare headaches, blurred vision, dry mouth and throat, constipation, fatigue and weakness. (7) Long -term treatment can see the swelling of the lower limbs.
    The contraindication is disabled for patients with allergies and activity of mobilized ulcers.
    If attention (1) Avoid driving and high -altitude operations after taking this product. (2) Drinking when taking this product will increase the adverse reaction of this product. (3) The following situations should be used with caution: ① Liver and renal dysfunction should be used. ② History of cerebrovascular medical history, history of eczema -like rash, peripheral edema, congestive heart failure, mental illness or severe neuropathy, and epilepsy history. (4) Cross -allergic reactions: For patients with allergies in a few aspirin, a mild bronchial spasm response may occur after taking it. (5) It is not advisable to use a large or long -term medication to prevent the hematopoietic system and liver and kidney damage. (6) Interference on laboratory examination: Use glucose oxidase/peroxidase method to measure blood glucose to get pseudo -low -value; use phosphoric acid method to determine serum uric acid to obtain pseudo -high value; Pseudo-positive results can be obtained for qualitative sieve tests for urine 5-hydroxylhumatopromal acetic acid, and quantitative is not affected; using a large dose or long-term application of small doses can make the original time of coagulinase, serum epithed, serum lactate dehydrogenation Enzymes and serum aminotransferase increases.
    It pregnant women and breastfeeding women can use diamond alumine in the medicinal products, to acetaminophen, and artificial beef pornography. Outside can be secreted through milk, so pregnant women and lactating women are disabled.
    The children's medication is not recommended.
    If patients with medication due to liver and renal dysfunction should be used with caution.
    Ser drug interaction (1) Long -term application of a large number of this product can reduce the synthesis of coagulation factor in the liver, so it has the anticoagulation effect of anticoagulant drugs. (2) Increase the toxic response to the liver when using liver enzyme induction agent with Barbich. (3) Combining with chloramphenicol can extend the half -life of chloramphenicol and increase its toxicity. (4) Combined with other shock -resistant and paralyzed drugs, anti -choline, anti -group amine, pheaside, or triple -ring antidepressants, which can enhance the side effects of Atropine -like, especially patients with mental disorders, hallucinations and nightmares. The amount of these drugs. (5) When the central nervous nervous excitement is used with this product, it can enhance the excitement of the central nervous system. In severe cases, it can cause adverse reactions such as convulsions or arrhythmia.
    The excessive amount of drugs should observe the side effects and poisoning strictly. Pay attention to monitoring blood pressure, pulse, breathing and body temperature. If you take more than 8 tablets, you can soon appear nausea, vomiting, stomach pain or stomach cramps, diarrhea, anorexia, sweat and other symptoms, and can last for 24 hours. Hepatical damage occurs within 2 to 4 days, manifested as pain, hepatoblasty, and jaundice. When taking the medicine, you should immediately apply gastric, vomiting, a large amount of diuretic diuretic, acidified urine to increase the excretion of the drug, and give a acetylphenol antagonic acetylcysteine ​​for activated carbon. For the first time for cystine for 140 mg/kg, orally, then 70 mg/kg, once every 4 hours, 17 times; when the condition is severe, you can use intravenous administration. The antagonistic drug should be used early. The hourly effect is poor, and other symptoms and support therapies should be given. And observe whether there are too many actions, convulsions, arrhythmia, and hypotension, and give sedatives, anticoniasis, and anti -arrhythmias as needed. Control the symptoms of poisoning in the central nervous system, which can slowly injection toxic lentiline.
    The store seal and stored in a cool and dry place.

  2. The book says that the dog can be trained in a scared way. If you listen to the dog, he accidentally throw a canned box to scare the dog. Every time you throw it, it will not scream for a long time.

  3. The question you ask is too naive. The dog is used to see the door call. It is like a medicine to give the peacock without feathers!

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