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  1. Dog pet cosmetic levels are divided into 6 levels, and the corresponding standards of pet cosmetologists of different levels are also different.

    Dog pet cosmetologists refer to the ability to use tools and auxiliary equipment to make hair, feathers, finger claws, etc. on all kinds of pets (custody animals), cleaning, trimming, shape, dyeing to make them The appearance is beautified and protected.

    The dog pet beauty artist is mainly to help pets clean, trim, shape, and dye in hair, claws and other parts, so that the appearance of the pet to beautify and protect, and become healthier and fashionable. This industry is all base salary and commission, with income related to professional and professional knowledge. This seemingly low salary is a high salary, and it is not capped, breaking the monthly salary system of many industries.

    The dog pet beauty artist is divided into six levels -Class C, B, A -level, teacher -level, review level, master level. C -level is the lowest level, and goes up in order. Among them, Class C, B, and A -level can be obtained by studying at a beauty training school, and then the exam can be obtained. At present, there are only about eight "teachers" in China. At present, the review level and the master level are not yet available.

    c -mainly involve basic shapes. The criteria for judging the C -level assessment are mainly flatness and completion. The service target of C -Class Beauty is ordinary pets, and most of the employees in small and medium -sized cities are C -Class.

    B -While there is higher requirements for flatness, it pays more attention to the smoothness of the lines and the awareness of the aesthetics. Class B involved in dog species will have more shapes, mainly for people who open stores and have higher requirements for shapes.

    a -Different stores from Class B and C lies in that A -level is not for job hunting or opening, mainly for racing dog beauty. The scope involved in the A level includes professional dog breeding and stadium competitions.

    The graded teacher -grade teacher -now only about eight in China. Before applying for a teacher -level, A -level trainees need to participate in an elite match. The top three elite competitions are eligible to apply for teachers.

    The review level -is the shaping and training of itself. In the major competition at home and abroad, awarded awards. After having a certain status in the Dog Industry Association, he was invited to become a judge to get the opportunity to get the review level.

    Master level -for more than 20 years of the industry, only after obtaining the above levels, only the opportunity to register.

    The higher the grade, the less the number of pet cosmetologists will be.

  2. The most common recognition in the industry is the three levels of ABC. This is the classification of the pet industry association (such as CKU and NGKC). Why is it based on the industry association? It is because the pet industry does not have a unified official industry specification at the national level.

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