What does the dog's pet -level championship mean?

What do you mean by selling dog -level champion -level champions?

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  1. The so -called pet -grade dog refers to the characteristics of this dog's characteristics that do not meet the standards, and the race dog means that the dog has the potential to participate in the competition. The champion -level dog refers to dogs that have participated in the competition and have won ranking. Therefore, many people say that they are selling race dogs, but they are actually just claiming. Unless there are special judges or more credible professional people prove that the dog has the potential to participate in the competition, it cannot be randomly talked about. In addition, even if parents are champions or racing dogs, they may have pet -grade dogs in offspring, but the probability of racing dogs is greater. Pet dogs are very difficult to expect race dogs in their descendants, not to say no, but quite small, because the advantages of some racing dogs are hidden inheritance, and some disadvantages of pet -grade dogs are Expressive, then these explicit disadvantages unless genetic mutations are unless of genetic mutations, they will not come out of the race dogs.

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