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  1. The dog's hair loss will cause hair everywhere in the house. It is particularly troublesome to clean up. On the clothes, the sofa, the hair on the floor, it will affect the environment at home. Regarding some dogs to deal with hair loss.
    Himing the dogs regularly

    Simple hair loss can be used to use pet -dedicated combed wool, and the dogs are combed every few days. The phenomenon of hair, because the combing wool will take away some of the fell hair on the dog, which will reduce the hair falling on the sofa or home to a certain extent.
    The cause of hair loss of dogs
    1. Dogs are in the hair change period. In this case, there is no good way. If you can't stand it, you can choose to shave your pet dog, but consider the physical condition of the dog after shaving, and don't get cold. Otherwise, it will be lost.

    2. There is another situation that the dog's body is in a condition. Think about whether it is usually given the dog too much salt content. Do not eat too much food with too much salt. Some pet owners eat foods for dogs to eat humans. They think that this is good for dogs, but the dog's body cannot be consumed.

    The hazards of too much salt
    It to know that if you consume too much salt, it will intensify the burden on the dog's body organs. In severe cases, it will cause hair removal. Pay attention to food, try not to give dogs eat foods that humans eat, because the salt content in the food that humans eat have already exceeded the salt content of the dog's normal needs. To give dogs a natural dog food, balance nutrition.

  2. Persons who raise dogs often worry about dog hair removal, especially those who have long hair dogs. The family is often rolling in the house. Why can't the dog remove the hair? There are many reasons.
    I is seasonal hair loss: Most dogs have the phenomenon of removing hair in spring and autumn. For example, shepherd dogs, chopsticks, Beijing dogs, etc., the amount of hair needed in summer does not need to be so much, so when the weather recovers, take off some old hair to regulate the body temperature. In the winter, the thick hair will be removed and the fluff is replaced to the cold winter. These are normal phenomena. As long as you combine the dogs every day and clean up the dander every day, you can prevent the fur of the house.
    . If a dog suffers from diseases such as folliculitis or eczema, or a large number of dog lice and fleas are parasitic, it will also cause a lot of hair removal. Dogs will grab fur with claws and teeth because of itching, and they will also get rid of a lot of dog hair. At this time, it is best to find the reason first, and consult the doctor or experienced people.
    . The phenomenon of hair loss caused by human reasons: Many families use adult soaps or shampoo and even use washing powder and detergents to bathe the dogs. Because the skin of the dog tends to be medium, and the adult's washing supplies are highly alkaline than the dog's skin, causing the dog's skin to dry and itching, so that mites, bacteria, and fungi have the opportunity to form skin diseases. Essence In addition, the bath is very destructive to the normal protective substances of the skin secretion. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs should use dogs' special washing supplies. The number of baths should not be too diligent and should be controlled reasonably.
    . The lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
    It, the natural environment such as sunlight and temperature will also affect the growth of dog hair. If the puppy is not exposed to the sun for a long time, it will be raised indoors for many years, which will also cause a slight hair removal throughout the year. There are also some breeds of dogs, such as spots, although they are short -haired varieties, but at any time to stroke it by hand, as long as they are slightly hard, they will be stained with one -handed hair. This is unavoidable. Psychological preparations

    The dogs change hair in the spring and autumn seasons, which causes many reasons for the dog's hair loss. It will cause dog hair to be great.
    2, normal hair change season.
    3. Skin disease is also a major factor that causes dog hair loss.
    In your own analysis to see which situation belongs.
    The method of dealing with hairs:
    1. Develop the habit of combing hair for dogs. Twice a day, use a special comb.
    2, if pets like to wear clothes to avoid hair loss.
    3. Select the correct bath solution. Good bath solution may protect dog fur, reduce the amount of hair loss, and prevent skin diseases.
    4. Try not to wear dark clothes.
    5, a special bristles in the home.
    I I think the owner of dogs in each home will encounter this problem, but I always feel that since we choose to raise them, we must accept everything. 6 Full insects can choose a dedicated ointment for mites, and pet hospitals are sold.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, your question has been received, sort out the answer ing ~~ Please wait a while, reply to you in about 5 minutes, please wait patiently ~~~nDear, hello, your question has been received, sort out the answer ing ~~ Please wait a while, reply to you in about 5 minutes, please wait patiently ~~~nHello! Intersection The following method can improve the dog's hair loss: 1. Change the dog's eating habits. Some dogs have abnormally increased hair loss. In fact, there is a problem with what it eats. If the food is too dry, the dog will dehydrate. It will become easier to drop. At the same time, everyone knows that if the dog intakes too much salt, they will also have the problem of increasing hair loss. Therefore, if the dog's hair loss is really large, what we need to do is to add water and remove salt in the dog's food.n2. Supplementing Omega-3 fatty acid omega-3 is a common fatty acid, which generally exists in the body of deep-sea fish. It is a well -known health product, and ordinary dog ​​owners will use this health product to maintain the quality of the dog's hair. It can even regulate the dog's immune system and reduce the problem of the dog's hair due to dryness.n3. Preventing fleas and parasitic parasites on dogs can cause itching of dogs. In order to alleviate this discomfort, dogs are likely to lift their claws to scratch themselves. This will cause the dog's hair to fall more serious. In addition, some dogs may be allergic to fleas and some parasites, and allergies may cause more serious reactions to make the dog feel uncomfortable.n4. Bathing for dogs, but not too frequent bathing is actually a common method for fighting dog hair loss, but pay attention to moderate. When taking a bath, the floating hair that the dog has fallen will fall in the bathroom, instead of freely falling in the living room in a freelance. Instead, excessive bathing will cause the dog's skin to crack. In the end, the amount of hair loss increases. Pay attention to choosing the right shower gel for dogs, inappropriate shower gel will stimulate the dog's skin, thereby dropping hairn5. Use a brush to comb the dog to prevent the dog from taking the hair to all corners of the house when running. Generally, the owner is recommended to combine the dog regularly. This can remove the floating hair on the dog. We can also trim hair for the dogs, or apply essential oils and other nursing products. Of course, this is to let the dog lose hair in a controlled place, not to reduce the amount of hair loss of the dog.nI hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life! Intersection Intersectionn6 morenBleak

  4. To put it simply, the dog's hair loss is related to its diet and hygiene habits.

    Generally, you pay attention to what it eats. Do not put salt, put it, only a little bit, very little, and those leftovers that we usually eat. Eat dogs for dogs, people eat things with heavy salt, and dogs eat too much salt -containing food.
    This, take a bath for dogs, use a bath solution for dogs, do not use people to shampoo, washing powder to wash the dogs, choose special products suitable for your dogs to take bath.
    The hair removal should be paid to these. The owner must not be lazy. He must insist on combing the dog for at least once a day. You can prepare two brushes. The small needle combs the brush against the brush, comb the dog off the dog, and then use the big one to comb the dog from head to toe several times.

  5. Maybe many shoveling officers will have questions, why my master always has hair loss, and usually eats better than the master than herself. It is impossible for nutrition to keep up with it. hair?
    It don't have to worry too much. The hair loss of pets is similar to the increasingly bald situation of our migrant workers, which is a normal state!
    So, is there any way to help alleviate the "hair loss" problem?
    . When the season is changed, the hair can be solved.
    The owner can prepare a few combing comb in the home, combing the pets regularly, and the hair that has fallen off but sticks to them. Will fall everywhere.

    . Take a regular bath when changing the season.
    It bathing and hairy hair will take away the hair to fall away during rubbing and blowing hair. But remember to choose a dedicated pet bath milk, and it should not be too diligent. If the dog is a week, once a week in the summer, every half a month to a month in winter, the cat's words can be used once to two months, and you can help clean the hair. Essence

    . When changing the season, you can add nutrition to pets appropriately
    I well known that fish oil is good for pet hair, especially for pets that have skin diseases. Fish oil can help healthy skin. Mao, the skin of the skin is healthy, it will naturally alleviate. There is also a special condiment that feeds pets for pets. All kinds of condiments that can be eaten by humans should try to avoid eating them as much as possible.
    . Interaction with pets
    Coloning it to create a happy and comfortable living environment, often bringing pets to sun. Cats can be indoors, and dogs can bring out bending. The clean and refreshing living environment is important to the hairy children.
    The condition can prepare a mite device, clean the place where it is often sleeping regularly. Don't forget to accompany them when you are usually at home. Small interactions will make them happy for a long time, comfortable mood, hair loss, It will also be relatively relieved.
    The above is the answer of a small letter, I hope it can help you ~

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