1 thought on “What should I do if my dog ​​is always hair loss?”

  1. The cause of the dog's hair loss and solution
    1, seasonal hair change: When the season is replaced, the dog will lose a lot of hair because it is changing hair. The shoveling officer only needs to spend a bit of hair every day, so that these hair is combed through a comb, instead of flying around like a dandelion. And if the dog is caused by this reason, it will not last long.
    2. Human reasons: Dogs may also be caused by shovel officers. For example, using human bath products to take a bath for dogs, in fact, this is a wrong behavior. We should choose a dog gel or weakly acidic pet shower gel to the dog. If choosing alkaline baths, it will destroy the acid -base balance on the dog's body, causing dogs to be allergic and dehydrated, rough skin and itching.
    3, dietary problem: The salt required by dogs is different from humans. If dogs often eat people's meals, they will also lose hair, because people eat too much salt, but the dog has no sweat glands, and the dog's tongue is again. Too late to exclude excess salt, it will cause the water loss in the dog's body, and the nutrition will lose balance, which will affect the natural growth of hair.
    4. Disease disease: If the dog's body parasites has a large amount of dog lice and fleas, or suffering from folliculitis or eczema, it will also cause a lot of hair removal. Because the dog's body can be itchy, and then to make yourself more comfortable, use your paws and teeth to grab the fur, so as to grasp a lot of dog hair.

    Note: The natural environment such as climate change and sunlight will also affect the growth of dog hair. If the dog has been raised indoors for many years and does not get the sunlight, it will also cause a slight hair removal throughout the year. So often take dogs out. If the shoveling officer also wants to know more about dog hair loss, you can click "The Reasons and Treatment Methods of Dogs" to continue reading.

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