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  1. Bagu dogs (details introduction)

    The owners will find that the dog has not reached the hair loss period and no skin disease, but the hair loss is very powerful, and it will even look directly at it. To the dog's skin. In fact, this is a response to the dog's pressure too much. Just like people, when the pressure is high, it will lose hair, and the dog will lose hair.
    This generally occur in dogs who are less accustomed to social stimulation, and dogs who have been tightly stretched by the owner will sometimes find obvious hair loss around them. These two phenomena are evidence that dogs are in a state of strong tension.
    The hair loss caused by pressure, as well as the case of hair loss due to long -term pressure, but when the dog is on the dog, it will occur within a few minutes to tens of minutes.
    Musting mechanism of hair loss, the process is stress → stimulating sympathetic nerves → poor blood circulation → insufficient nutrition of hair follicle mother cells → appear to hair loss. On the other hand, the short -term hair loss that happened on the dog's body is related to the contraction of the vertical hair muscle. The mechanism is stress → stimulates the sympathetic nerve → the vertical hair muscle contraction → the pores are tightly bulged → the waste hair (easy to fall off is easy Hair) launch → produce hair loss, or stress → stimulate the sympathetic nerve → vertical hair muscle contraction → The hair that was originally covered under the flat hair, and fell off due to the erection of the hair → produced hair loss. A large number of socialized dogs have a large amount of hair loss. After several social training, the hair loss will be improved a lot. Proper snack rewards will not be pulled tightly. Essence

  2. Persons who raise dogs often worry about dog hair removal, especially those who have long hair dogs. The family is often rolling in the house. It is difficult to bear why the dog removes hair? There are many reasons.

    Generally speaking, vitamins that are helpful for dog hair include VB, VC, VE, VA, VD, etc.

    has the following points:
    1. Excessive intake of salty portions will also cause the dog's hair to be powerful.
    2, normal hair change season.
    3. Skin disease is also a major factor that causes dog hair loss.
    (analyze it yourself, see which situation belongs)

    has several methods to deal with hairs:
    1. Develop the habit of combing hair for dogs. Twice a day, use a special comb.
    2, if pets like to wear clothes to avoid hair loss.
    3. Select the correct bath solution. Good bath solution may protect dog fur, reduce the amount of hair loss, and prevent skin diseases.
    4. Try not to wear dark clothes.
    5, a special bristles in the home.

    6, a special ointment for mites can be selected caused by insects, and pet hospitals are sold.

    The diet should be paid attention to, do not eat large salt food, if you can still feed dog food. In addition, spring and autumn are the season when dogs change. During this time, hair loss is normal, and there will be a small amount of hair loss in other seasons. Don't worry. There are also the temperature of the surrounding environment of the dogs. Do not have too much ones. That is to say, the temperature of the air conditioner or heating at home should not be too hot, which will also cause the dog to lose hair! If the hair removal is too severe and there is a small red dot or pimple on the skin, and the dog often itching may be a skin disease, you need to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

    PS: Pay attention to bathing too hard. Washing every two or three weeks in winter is enough. Wash it once or two weeks in summer. It is best to choose pets for shower gels and choose mild hair types. This is not easy to be allergic to dog skin, or it can be targeted at the type of demand for your baby. If the dog cannot take a bath or not to the bath time, but the body is dirty, you can give the dog a regular sorting of time every day, which will effectively remove the dust and other impurities on the body hair; It is also good for skin health and promoting hair quality; and diligent in combing is also done as the owner itself; another way is to use pet -dedicated dry cleaning powder for cleaning body hair. It is also effective to remove the odor, so try it. After going home for a walk, you just need to wipe your feet with a slightly wet towel to keep the dog's feet clean and dry, otherwise it is easy to produce feet moss. Blowing away, it's not just the surface blowing. There are also dogs' chin, PP, and belly, etc. These are dermis eczema caused by fungal stains that are prone to water stains. The places and surrounding environment of dogs should be disinfected frequently to avoid dogs infected with other infectious diseases. Essence Essence

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, your question has been received, sort out the answer ing ~~ Please wait a while, reply to you in about 5 minutes, please wait patiently ~~~nDear, hello, your question has been received, sort out the answer ing ~~ Please wait a while, reply to you in about 5 minutes, please wait patiently ~~~nHello! Intersection The following method can improve the dog's hair loss: 1. Change the dog's eating habits. Some dogs have abnormally increased hair loss. In fact, there is a problem with what it eats. If the food is too dry, the dog will dehydrate. It will become easier to drop. At the same time, everyone knows that if the dog intakes too much salt, they will also have the problem of increasing hair loss. Therefore, if the dog's hair loss is really large, what we need to do is to add water and remove salt in the dog's food.n2. Supplementing Omega-3 fatty acid omega-3 is a common fatty acid, which generally exists in the body of deep-sea fish. It is a well -known health product, and ordinary dog ​​owners will use this health product to maintain the quality of the dog's hair. It can even regulate the dog's immune system and reduce the problem of the dog's hair due to dryness.n3. Preventing fleas and parasitic parasites on dogs can cause itching of dogs. In order to alleviate this discomfort, dogs are likely to lift their claws to scratch themselves. This will cause the dog's hair to fall more serious. In addition, some dogs may be allergic to fleas and some parasites, and allergies may cause more serious reactions to make the dog feel uncomfortable.n4. Bathing for dogs, but not too frequent bathing is actually a common method for fighting dog hair loss, but pay attention to moderate. When taking a bath, the floating hair that the dog has fallen will fall in the bathroom, instead of freely falling in the living room in a freelance. Instead, excessive bathing will cause the dog's skin to crack. In the end, the amount of hair loss increases. Pay attention to choosing the right shower gel for dogs, inappropriate shower gel will stimulate the dog's skin, thereby dropping hairn5. Use a brush to comb the dog to prevent the dog from taking the hair to all corners of the house when running. Generally, the owner is recommended to combine the dog regularly. This can remove the floating hair on the dog. We can also trim hair for the dogs, or apply essential oils and other nursing products. Of course, this is to let the dog lose hair in a controlled place, not to reduce the amount of hair loss of the dog.nI hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life! Intersection Intersectionn6 morenBleak

  4. Right now, it has been entered the season when the dog is changed. Although the autumn in Shenzhen is late, it can even be said that Shenzhen does not have autumn. However, the problem of dog loss of dogs is not inferior to other regions. Whether it is a long hair dog or a short hairy dog, as long as there is a hair, there will be hair loss. But in addition to seasonal hair loss, dog hair loss may be a hidden danger of other problems! So, what about dogs with a large amount of hair loss? What is the reason?

    The hair loss of pet dogs is generally divided into two forms: one like the lawn that has just been trimmed. Another kind of diaper of the little fart, drop out a small piece of map. No matter which one not only causes trouble to the sanitation at home, it will directly affect the health of the dog. To remove very normal hair loss, we must first find a problem. Then see if you have the following behaviors, please take a seat.

    1. Do you often comb the fur for dogs?

    The fur is often combed to dogs, which helps reduce the accumulation of fur produced by normal metabolism, and can make the dog's hair stronger and smooth. Have you found that the forehead that often strokes is very smooth and less hair loss. Frequently combing fur, the dogs are also very comfortable and full of energy.

    2. Do you often put the dogs indoors, rarely contact the sun?

    The hair loss is more seriously related to the long -term activity in the room. Good sunshine irradiation helps to ensure the health of the dog's fur.

    3. When it is hot, is it diligent in bathing?

    is equivalent to pulling hair! Taking a shower to destroy the normal protective substance of his fur, which will also cause him to lose too much hair. Even if it is a season for changing the hair, washing once every three days was very diligent. Usually you can use a wet towel to make a simple wipe for dogs who come back

    4. What hair washing water do you use to take a bath for the dog?

    The shampoo can not be used. Dogs' skin tends to be neutral, and most of our shampoo is alkaline. You will make his skin dry, bacteria and mites will take advantage of it. Cause severe hair loss. You should use the dog's special hair washing water, so that he loves him.

    5. Where do you often take your dog to take a walk?

    If it is a grassland, bush, woods, etc., the fur of the dog is likely to be stained with mites or lice fleas and even intestinal parasites. These will directly lead to severe hair loss. See if there are black spots on your body, and think about whether there are white spots in the feces. If these phenomena are available, use the medicine as soon as possible. At present, there are pills, drops, one -time and repeated use. Choose one. Pay attention to the brand, some inferiority may cause them to poison. In addition, it is necessary to take some insect repellent in spring and autumn.

    6. Do you still eat dog food?

    This you can't eat what dogs eat. The excessive salty of the dog can cause him to lose hair, even partial hair loss. Including sweet, spicy, irritating, and delicious foods can cause dog hair loss. Dog food is salt, which can ensure their muscle strength, but there is a professional proportion control. Our food salt is definitely obviously high, and the long -term intake of these things will affect the fur of the dog. Dogs always like things in your rice bowl. If you must eat it for him, it is best to cook it with water, which will help his fur.

    7. Did you eat anything besides dog food noodles?

    This above, you can't eat too complicated. But you can't just eat dog food, and give some nutrients when appropriate. Otherwise it will lose hair. Two -month -old dogs can eat some cooked egg yolk and steamed carrots. Adult dogs can eat bones and pet special nutrition products with auxiliary effects on fur. Nutrition is definitely severe hair loss.

    Is no matter what behaviors you have, in the stage of entering the autumn, you still have to prepare the following things.

    The first step is to use pets -specific bath supplies to completely wash them thoroughly and carefully, quickly wipe off the water and blow dry with a fan.

    The second step, the medication, the drops used, and the four soft places under his back and four soft places under the axillary after taking a bath. The deworming medicine was taken together.

    The third step, timing, fixed -point, quantitative dog food, a week of bones to eat, when it is convenient, give an egg yolk. At the same time, the place where the place of going out was changed to an open venue, reducing the residence time on the grass and in the trees to ensure his exercise.

    The beautiful and smooth fur is one of the manifestations of the dog's health, and it will also make it and you more windy.

    The questions can ask me wangwang: afternoon sunlight

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