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  1. The hair has a certain growth cycle. It is a common phenomenon that dog hair loss is. If the dog has a large amount of hair loss, it shows that the dog's body has a problem, and the pets mainly find out the reason for the dog's hair loss to take appropriate measures in time to help it. Here are several reasons that cause the dog's hair loss and the measures that can be taken. During the physiological period, hair loss during the period is normal. The dog's hair is lush. When they grow into adult dogs, they will also fade away their young hair and replace them with new hair. This is normal. As long as the pet owner pays attention to helping the dog sort the hair every day, clean up the hair dropped by the dog, and keep environmental hygiene.
    . Food problems
    If foods that have been consumed over a long period of time can stimulate their bodies and cause hair problems, so a large amount of hair loss will occur. Therefore, the pet owner only needs to feed the dog with a light diet on weekdays, let alone feed human food.
    This of dogs is different from humans. Dogs will have some uncomfortable symptoms after consumption, and may even cause dilute. Therefore, when eating, do not give dogs to eat human food, and usually pay attention to collect it, so as not to steal the dog.
    . The number of baths is too large
    The number of baths usually takes 3 times a month. Do not take a bath for the dog too much. sick. When taking a bath for dogs, be careful not to use human shower gel for dogs, because the skin of the dog is different from humans, it is easy to cause some discomfort. It is best to use the dog's dedicated Wang Xiang bathing to take a bath.
    . Nutrition
    . Another reason for the hair loss of dogs is malnutrition. The dog has long -term consumption of a single food with uneven nutrition distribution. As a result, the dog's body lacks nutrition, and the hair will naturally become rough or even hair loss. In this regard, the pet owner can appropriately improve the dog's diet, add some vegetables to the dog food, and the fruit after meals is okay. You can also feed the dogs to help the dogs, help the nutrition required for the growth of the hair.
    It the above method can help the pet owner, here I wish the dog's dog grow up healthily.

  2. 1. Comb hair

    Strequent combing hair for dogs, which can make old dandruff and dead hair brush, and can also help dogs secrete the natural oils of the skin on average on each inch of skin on each inch of skin As long as they often comb their hair, many problems with dandruff can be solved naturally.

    2, refueling

    one of the reasons for the increase in dandruff may also be that the amount of oil in the food is insufficient. So adding an appropriate amount of pet oil to things in things is a good idea, which can help the skin restore normal metabolic function. As long as you add half a spoon or a teaspoon of fish oil every day, you can clearly see the improvement effect.

    3, bath

    to help your dog take a bath, you can remove the old dandruff accumulated on the skin. Do n’t take a bath too much. Basically, wash every two weeks in summer, and wash it every month in winter. Be careful. Too frequent bathing may destroy the oily protective layer on the dog's hair. Pay attention to avoid your eyes, and finally remember to dry the dog's humid hair.

    4, dedicated hair washing waves

    If general hair washing can not effectively go to the scalp, then choose a special ded items containing a variety of special ingredients It's right. Let the foam stay on the dog for a few minutes during bathing, and the medicinal ingredients can fully play a role.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am a Chinese national practicing veterinarian Dr. Bestbo. I have worked in clinical practice for many years and I am glad to communicate with you ~ I will solve the problem for you next. Thank you for your trust. Please explain your problems and explain the gender of pets, types, age, sterilization, deworming, and whether immunity is fulfilled. So that I can help you do a better diagnosis. Reminder: Baidu replies on Baidu, "You can only send 6 times" what you want to say on your sidenHello, whether the dog has a systemic hair removal or a part of this kind of hair removal one by one, what do dogs eat?nAsk the teddy dog's front paw legs against the skin and the skin that has not changed the skin. It is Herz dog food.nAnswer um, if the dog's legs have symmetrical hair loss, I suggest you check if there is such a chigger mite or infection of the mitenMore 2nBleak

  4. The hair loss cannot be avoided during the growth and development of the dog. You can prepare some double phosphate beef ingots for the dog, which can be repaired well for hair loss. Try to avoid letting the dog eat too much salt in daily life. , Still can grow hair! For details, you can Baidu.

  5. Nutritional uneven can cause dog hair loss. It can give dogs a bit phosphate beef ingot. My dog ​​is particularly serious because of uneven nutrition. Especially Run Zeng may wish to solve it.

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