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  1. There are many people who solve the problem of dog hair loss
    The people who care for dogs, but the problem of the dog's hair loss has troubled many pet owners. So, how do you solve the problem of dog hair loss? The following is the method of solving the problem of dog hair loss for everyone, welcome to refer to ~
    Tips: Before sweeping the floor, sprinkle a small amount of water in the air and the ground, and the fine hair will be condensed into a ball for easy discover and collection. This method is also applicable to the pet hair that is cleaned up on the clothing: the hand is soaked in the tap water and throw away the excess water. Wipe it gently from the clothes with your hand, and the dog hair is easily sticking to his hand.
    This two: Squeeze the water of drinking tea leaves and keep it slightly humid. Sprinkle on the ground when sweeping the floor, slowly pushing tea to sweep, and the fluttering dog hair became obedient at this time, rolling with tea. If the floor color is lighter, it is best to use green tea or brewed tea multiple times to avoid dyeing.
    This three: Preventing dogs from getting rid of hair is to reduce trouble from the source. On the one hand, you can feed dogs with anti -hair loss dog food or snacks, on the other hand, helping dogs combed with hair, and there are needles that specifically sorted out dogs on the market. Cut the old stockings and put it on the bottom of the pet comb. After using it for a period of time, remove the stockings to remove the hair and dust in one fell swoop, which is easy to save.
    This four: sticky glue roller is a simple hair removal tool, supermarkets and pet products stores are sold. After cleaning the pet hair on the bed and sofa, rinse the surface of the rubber tube with soap and water, and can be reused after drying. You can also use a wide tape to replace: Cut off about 10 cm wide tape, the rubber is wrapped out of the hand, pressed on the hair on the other, and the other side was stuck to the other side. Repeat until the surface of the tape completely lost its adhesion.
    This Dog's hair loss of hair
    1. Normal: Spring and autumn will be removed, it is a comprehensive and common hair change. At this time, it is best to sort him up and sun.
    2. Normal: Old dogs, the amount of hair color will decrease, accompanied by a variety of elderly diseases such as the fragile teeth falling off. At this time, calcium supplementation vitamins are necessary.
    3. Abnormal: The feeding thing is too salty, which will cause hair removal. Such hair removal is to grab it by hand. The hidden danger is that the dog's renal failure will be caused. Therefore, the dog's diet must be salt less, which is also very helpful for their health.
    4. Abnormal: skin allergies. For example, just moved, newly renovated, rolled over the grass that sprayed the medicine, etc. The skin would be accompanied by abnormal red dots and other abnormalities. Check it. Isolation allergies can be good
    5. Not normal: parasitic. Bacteria, fungi, and mite infections can cause hair removal, and dogs are accompanied by itching and emotional uneasiness. You should go to the hospital for skin examination to determine the source of the disease and cooperate with treatment. The cure of mites is very long.
    In abnormal hair loss, several methods to deal with hair:
    1. Develop the habit of combing hair for dogs. Twice a day, use a special comb.
    2. If the dog likes it, you can wear clothes to avoid hair loss.
    3. Try not to wear dark clothes.
    4. Special wool brush in the home
    5. Mittics can be caused by mites. You can choose a dedicated ointment for mites.
    The hair care for normal hair, hair change period
    ordinary dogs will have a hair removal period. At this time, if the care is improper, it will cause great problems to the sanitation at home, so we must be in the house Help it in the hair removal period, let it pass through the hair removal period clean and tidy, and then happier will live with you happier. Let ’s take a look at how to care for the hair removal period?
    1. Comb
    This to combine the dogs regularly, which can make the old dandruff and dead hair brush from usual. Natural oils are evenly distributed on each inch of skin. As long as they are combed often, many problems of dandruff can be solved naturally.
    2. Refueling
    One of the reasons for the increase in dandruff may also be that the amount of oil in the food is insufficient. So adding an appropriate amount of pet oil to things in things is a good idea, which can help the skin restore normal metabolic function. As long as you add half a spoon or a teaspoon of fish oil every day, you can clearly see the improvement effect.
    . Take a bath
    In your dogs to take a bath, you can remove the old dandruff accumulated on the skin. Do n’t take a bath too much. Basically, wash every two weeks in summer, and wash it every month in winter. Be careful. Too frequent bathing may destroy the oily protective layer on the dog's hair. Pay attention to avoid your eyes, and finally remember to dry the dog's humid hair.
    4. Dedicated hair washing waves
    If the general hair washing essence could not effectively go to the scalp dandruff, then the dedicated dandruff hair washing with a variety of special ingredients must be selected. Let the foam stay on the dog for a few minutes during bathing, and the medicinal ingredients can fully play a role.

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