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  1. I. Supplement of nutrition
    This Chinese families often use rice to feed dogs. If dogs do not take sufficient amounts of protein, such as meat fish, they will lose hair, and they will even remove hair. In this case, it is recommended to avoid high salt foods. Dogs have little demand for oil and salt. Excessive intake can cause fire and hair loss, especially not to feed leftovers and leftovers; try to choose nutrients rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Comprehensive natural dog food, do not change the brand easily; long -term feeding a single food can cause malnutrition, leading to bleak hair and hair loss. You can feed some broccoli, salmon, cooked egg yolk and the like.

    . Combing frequently
    When the climate changes from cold to heat, the hormone in the dog's body will change, prompting the long hair to fall off and grow short hair. Simply put, take off the winter and put it on the summer dress. There is no way to stop the hair loss of this reason. The only thing that can be done is to take care of it. It can be combed for dogs for a few minutes to comb the dog. The hair is knotted, and at the same time, it also plays a massage role to promote blood circulation and enhance the health of the skin. Only healthy skin is the key to hair loss.

    . Scientific bath
    Is avoid using human bathing products, try to choose weak acidic pet fragrances. Alkaline bath products will destroy the acid -base balance, causing rough skin to cause rough skin Itching, allergic dehydration and other issues, coupled with dog scratching will increase hair loss. The number of baths is controlled at about 2 to 3 times a month. Frequent cleaning will destroy the skin's autoimmune system. Pay attention to cleaning the fragrance waves without residual, and blow dry hair in time after bathing.

    . The sun is appropriate
    This solar can make the dog's skin and hair healthier. All dogs like to bask in the sun, but they must prepare them where they can shade, and it should not be too long to avoid sunburn or dehydration.

    . Keeping and dry
    The humid environment will provide growth conditions for parasites, especially in summer, it is easy to cause eczema. Dog skin disease is added with hair loss. It is recommended to use a pet -sterilized washing agent to clean and expose the pet cushion and mattresses. If necessary, the mite removal device can be used to completely clean the pet nest.

    6. Moderate trimming
    It can be properly trimmed and thin hair, but be careful not to shave all. Just discovered, it increased the risk of being inhaled by humans and dogs; it was also more likely to cause dogs to suffer from skin diseases.
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