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  1. Dogs will have hair loss all year round. In addition to the large amount of hair loss during the hair change season, there will be only some dead hair every day under normal circumstances. It is only normal physiological phenomenon, and the owner does not need to worry too much. However, if a dog has a large amount of hair loss in the non -hairy season, the owner should pay attention to take corresponding treatment measures in time.
    . Clean Mao to clean up.
    No matter when the dogs are, the pet owner can use a pet combing wool to sort out the hair of the dog's hair every day. A degree of reduction of hair loss.
    . Strengthen nutrition supply.

    This Dog's hair loss in the non -changing season may be caused by lack of nutrition. If the hair grows without nutrition, it will naturally fall. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to enrich the diet structure and eat more foods that are good for hair, such as chicken, salmon, egg yolk, etc. If the owner does not have time to prepare nutritional supplementary foods, he can mix in dog food into pets such as fast -faced pets, to help supplement the nutrients required for hair growth, which is conducive to beautiful hair.
    . Take care of the skin.
    The parasites of the dog infection can also cause hair loss, so pets are mainly deworming once a month. In addition, the dogs cause the dog to itch, and frequently scratching the skin can also cause the dog to be mottled. This is to feed the dog to feed the vitamin B and itchy, supplement the nutrients needed for the body, spray the fun and apply Wang Meow skin to treat ringworm spots to help maintain the stability of the skin.
    . Do a reasonable bath.
    . If the owner usually loves the dogs to take a bath, I can't wait to wash it four or five times a week, or to take a shower shampoo for the shower gel used for dogs The skin and hair problems of the series. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner takes a shower for not more than three times a week, and uses a pet gel dedicated to pets.

  2. Pet dogs are generally divided into two forms: one like the lawn that has just been trimmed. Another kind of diaper of the little fart, drop out a small piece of map. No matter which one not only causes trouble to the sanitation at home, it will directly affect the health of the dog. To remove very normal hair loss, we must first find a problem. Then see if you have the following behaviors, please take a seat.

    1. Do you often comb the fur for dogs?
    The combing fur is often sorted out, which helps reduce the accumulation of fur produced by normal metabolism, and can make the dog's hair stronger and smooth. Have you found that the forehead that often strokes is very smooth and less hair loss. Frequently combing fur, the dogs are also very comfortable and full of energy.

    2, do you often put the dogs indoors, rarely contact the sun?
    This hair loss is seriously related to long -term activities in the room. Good sunshine irradiation helps to ensure the health of the dog's fur.

    3, when it is hot, is it diligent in bathing?
    This is equivalent to pulling hair! Taking a shower to destroy the normal protective substance of his fur, which will also cause him to lose too much hair. Even if it is a season for changing the hair, washing once every three days was very diligent. Usually you can use a wet towel to make a simple wipe for dogs who come back

    4, what hair washing water do you use to take a bath for the dog?
    It cannot use your shampoo. Dogs' skin tends to be neutral, and most of our shampoo is alkaline. You will make his skin dry, bacteria and mites will take advantage of it. Cause severe hair loss. You should use the dog's special hair washing water, so that he loves him.

    5, where do you often take your dog to take a walk?
    If it is a grassland, bush, woods, etc., the fur of the dog is likely to be stained with mites or lice fleas and even intestinal parasites. These will directly lead to severe hair loss. See if there are black spots on your body, and think about whether there are white spots in the feces. If these phenomena are available, use the medicine as soon as possible. At present, there are pills, drops, one -time and repeated use. Choose one. Pay attention to the brand, some inferiority may cause them to poison. In addition, it is necessary to take some insect repellent in spring and autumn.

    6, do you still eat dog food?
    This you can't eat what dogs eat. The excessive salty of the dog can cause him to lose hair, even partial hair loss. Including sweet, spicy, irritating, and delicious foods can cause dog hair loss. Dog food is salt, which can ensure their muscle strength, but there is a professional proportion control. Our food salt is definitely obviously high, and the long -term intake of these things will affect the fur of the dog. Dogs always like things in your rice bowl. If you must eat it for him, it is best to cook it with water, which will help his fur.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am a Chinese national practicing veterinarian Dr. Bestbo. I have worked in clinical practice for many years and I am glad to communicate with you ~ I will solve the problem for you next. Thank you for your trust. Please explain your problems and explain the gender of pets, types, age, sterilization, deworming, and whether immunity is fulfilled. So that I can help you do a better diagnosis. Reminder: Baidu replies on Baidu, "You can only send 6 times" what you want to say on your sidenHello, whether the dog has a systemic hair removal or a part of this kind of hair removal one by one, what do dogs eat?nAsk the teddy dog's front paw legs against the skin and the skin that has not changed the skin. It is Herz dog food.nAnswer um, if the dog's legs have symmetrical hair loss, I suggest you check if there is such a chigger mite or infection of the mitenMore 2nBleak

  4. There are many causes of dog hair, skin diseases? During the seasonal hair loss? You can first try the Metram's Eggs Blasting the lecithin. The lecithin containing the added eggs is 5 times higher than that of the egg lecithin. It should be able to solve your problem.

  5. You can give dogs a bit phosphate beef ingot to prevent dogs from getting rid of hair. My dogs are more hairy due to uneven nutrition. The dogs are eaten for dogs. Down.

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