3 thoughts on “Sherry's white mouth hair becomes yellow, how can he quickly turn white. Intersection”

  1. Is there a lot of yellow hair? Or is there only a yellow hair?
    If a lot of yellow hair, it is recommended that you wash your mouth hairy frequently ~ However, I have recently seen a powder that can be washed on the hair of the pet dog (if it is not really dirty enough It is best not to use it, because there must be some chemicals in it, which will hurt the dog). If it's just a little bit, then you can lose a little bit, but the large area cannot be! All in all, what I mean is: I washing my mouth hair is the king
    secretly telling you: It is also a good way to use pet water on the mouth ~, drinking water with pet water on the mouth will not stain your mouth hair. It's right. Sherry, just look good!

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