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  1. Raising dogs to keep it? Intersection This logic is really incredible
    It if it is not for breeding or buying a dog
    , first of all, you must consider whether the environment allows
    The puppy in the city
    What is the personality
    then when choosing a dog, it will not be too blind
    , for example,
    Yorkxia although it is a small dog
    Therefore, it takes time to raise this variety of dogs

    It can take him out often
    If the owner's personality is quiet
    then you can choose golden retriever
    , although the body is huge
    but the personality of this dog is quite docile
    of course, the dog's appearance must also be seen. Essence If the dog
    , then choose the hairy. Do n’t be too long
    This is avoided. nThe dogs of the same type of physical health
    ma, price
    and the maintenance price of the future dog food prevention needle
    . Essence The unwavering
    It depends on the market hype
    The animal interest value (but if you are not a professional dog training teacher
    , then it is also the
    The race like a few competed games upstairs is also a kind of value preservation channel)
    . I think the most important thing to buy dogs depends on their personality
    whether it is the same as the owner
    Essence That is to say, you still have to sell
    . Essence It's a pity

  2. If you want to preserve the value, you need to raise the race level. There is no problem with pet -level.
    The is definitely going to buy and sell, what is the use of not being used for sale and selling it ~~
    It must be more and more worthless ~~
    The authentic Tibetan mastiff preservation is also used to maintain value for breeding. Family care is difficult to raise

  3. Almost both large dogs and medium -sized dogs are prohibited from breeding. Essence Uh
    Dalian. Essence Husky was popular in the past two years, then Satsuma, and Teddy. Essence Essence Essence Almost every time it changes differently. Let's take a good look at the market. You can cultivate some race dogs. There are blood certificates ~
    But I think no matter what kind of variety, people who really love dogs will not care. My family has a good Tibetan mastiff and a small white dog with a variety of species, but it is also very flattering. Essence

  4. The old saying is cloudy, and things are rare, of course, some rare dogs, the price is relatively stable. Big white bear, Tibeto, you can consider

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