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  1. There are many reasons why Xiaoxue's beard is discolored. For example, when you eat, you do n’t wipe the beard. After drinking water, wet the beard to oxidize and discolor. Sexual hair color becomes color. These are due to the negligence of the owner. If you want to turn the beard to become white and restore the original pretty look, first of all, you must have the belief of daily work.

    2. If you are not friends who eat dog food, you must first improve the diet of pet dogs to make Sherry's diet more balanced to ensure that there can Moving the trace elements of beautiful hairy color is the key to Xuenari's beard white.

    3. The bad habit of changing the past does not pay much attention to Sherry's beard. Rui raised his head to drink water to avoid often wet the beard. And keep the beard of Cenari bearded after feeding and drinking water.

    4. The cleaning and whiteness of Sherry's beard are inseparable from daily diet and care. It is best to wipe or blow it as soon as possible. Of course, cleaning daily cleaning is also essential.

    How to be white
    n n n n Doing

    The most distinctive feature of Schinary pet dogs is its beard. The white beard makes it look cute as a whole, but Sherry's beard will quietly change color. This is to make many small snow. What should I do if I have a headache?

    In what to do if you want to know what to do if Xuenari's beard is discolored. It is possible to cause the color of small snow to become yellow, and the precipitation in the water, and the oxidation will also cause the beard to discolor, and it is caused by Snow Narui's own saliva.

    knows the reason why the beard is discolored. Soak the towel in the warm water with a small bottle of white vinegar 5 small bottle caps, and then remember not to twist too much. At this time, start to wipe the baby's beard down along the hair root. Repeat three times and clean up once a day. If the color of the beard is stronger, you can add it once, and it will improve very obviously for about a week or two.

    Im reminding you that if you want to prevent Sherry's beard from becoming colorful, the food you eat should be used as the raw dog food of chicken and mutton as the raw material, and it does not contain color. The agent often brushes her teeth, because removing dental stones can reduce the amount of pet dog's mouth water. There is also a special pet dog drinking water heater for pet dogs to avoid pet dogs from dipping water.

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