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  1. Diet: Choose natural grains, fed regularly, do not give dog foods and snacks appropriately, avoid dog picking.

    The people think that dogs want to bones. In fact, bones are easy to block the dog's intestines, causing constipation to cause vomiting and appetite. Especially the chicken bones are urgent, because it is small and crispy, it is easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the bone intestines. When feeding, you must give sufficient water at the same time. Do not use distilled water or boiling water. In short, when regular, quantitative, and fixed -point, the puppy is happy and the family is happy.

    The bath: Dogs are usually once a week, don't be too frequent. Living environment: It is necessary to ventilate and dry to avoid humidity and form skin diseases.

    Pet dogs can take a bath two or three times a month in spring and autumn. When hot summer, you can choose every week once a week. You can choose to wash in half a month or a month in the cold season in winter. once. It is worth noting that the number of pet dogs should not bathe too often, and should not be washed once a day or two. Bathing is too frequent, which is not good for pet dog's skin health, which will damage the skin protection barrier of pet dogs.

    Im combing: It is best to sort the dogs once a week to prevent knotting. In addition, you often combine the skin of the dogs and dogs to find it as soon as possible.

  2. Prepare psychological preparations
    Is have no experience to raise dogs and novice parents, because you need to accept a new life to enter your life and be responsible for it, and it is not low.
    It hygiene problems
    dogs should not take too many baths, especially small milk dogs who have not yet vaccinated, most of them are stinky when they take them home. It's too low to catch a cold and get sick. In addition, it is best to wait for a week after the vaccine. Under normal circumstances, the dog's bath frequency is about 1-2 weeks/time.
    Dogs need to bring out slippery, because the sun outside will make the dog very happy, and it can also breathe fresh air. If the puppy is only three months old, then don't let it play outside. You can choose to hold the dog to the sun for a while, but you need to control it when it is outside. Take the dog back to the room.
    Scientific feeding
    For the new shovel officer, choosing a dog food suitable for your own dog is a very important and may be a difficult task at the same time. The shoveling officers need to buy some dog food they recommended after asking professionals, and then closely observe the situation of their dogs in the following period of time. force

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