5 thoughts on “How to choose the Fighting Fighting of Pure Blood?”

  1. The chest and body look relatively loose, the side is full, the ribs are round, and the position of the scapula is relatively low and deeper. The traditional trembling, the hair looks short, it feels very luxurious and shiny. If the hair looks messy, or if you feel bad, this situation may be that the dog's nutrition may not keep up.

  2. Look at the whole body first, the chest and body look wide, look at hair, purebred fur hair looks short, look at the ears, the mouth is generally large color, the nose, the nose up the nose and the tip of the nose and dark black, and then the nose is dark black. Then Looking at the head, the head is large and widening looks square.

  3. Choosing a pure blood beef must go through a regular way. The height of the French cattle is generally about thirty centimeters. The color is darker and the eyes are not uneven, the ears are basically wider and like bats, and the lips are soft and wide black.

  4. Learn to distinguish, and the mobility of pure blood should be observed from the embarrassment. The age of embarrassment will change significantly. The launch of the legs in this period will become longer than other parts, and the parts of the legs are not particularly thin. From the side, if his waist and abdomen are plump, it is the real fighting.

  5. Looking at the whole body, the chest and body appear wide, and the words are full from the side. The ribs are round. Well, the Chongqing Canyon will be relatively low and deeper, so the overall viewing is relatively wide and shorter here. Sending acne, the hair looks short, let me go very smoothly, shiny, yesterday's color is red, egg yolk and brown. If the hair looks more mixed, it is not.

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