How to choose French bullfighting

I want to raise a bullfighting, black, please ask me to give me some selection, I want a puppy,
just talk about their habits

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  1. I often send photos of dog friends to help me see how to choose French bullfighting dogs. What I want to say is that every puppy is cute, but not every breeder is responsible and has professional standards. The puppy in a photo is dirty, the surrounding environment is very messy, and even the leftovers for eating a meal are still on my body. I really can't believe how good he will be in the future, because from these details A breeder's attitude towards this matter, how can he spend a lot of financial resources and material resources to breed high -quality French cattle!
    The photos I appreciate are clean and clean, and the puppies are clean. This has nothing to do with breeding level. This is the minimum attitude. The photo is best to take the standard photo of the puppy, standing on the front and side. Only in this way can we fully display the external characteristics of the puppy. The puppy's own structure is clear at a glance. What can these people hold, hold, hold their heads? When I often communicate with dog friends, I have said that Fa Niu is not the only head, and the head is just one aspect. Don't underestimate these details. Go more to see the puppy photos of well -known dogs and well -known players. Differential, of course, I do n’t mean that the photo is good, it must be an excellent puppy. What I mean by me is -attitude is attitude! Intersection Intersection
    Serbal certificate information -ordinary players have not paid much attention to this, and even think that the blood book is a gimmick for breeders to sell high prices. A total of 14 dogs within the third generation of the puppy recorded all the information of the puppy, including: the name of the dog, the chip number, and the breeding dog. These contents can be found through the Internet. And reflects the breeding concept of breeders, there are advantages and deficiencies in each French cattle dog. The combination of two breeds is to make up for the lack of the other party, so that the new puppy can achieve the best, or continue their advantages. So without these records, no one can conclude with a puppy photo. It turns out that some world -famous dogs are very embarrassing when they were young, so why did it be amazing in the later period? This is directly related to his congenital bloodline. Of course, it is also the later owner to carefully care for the credit
    . So, do not understand a responsible breedinger in a narrow sense. When you are a bloodline certificate, you are not to sell you a few more money, but to show you the results of their labor. You cannot imagine how much unknown hard work to breed a French bullfighting dog is behind it. This is also French cattle. One of the reasons for the high price. Some friends have just been in contact with me and think that I have a bad attitude and feel that I have personality. In fact, I just want to say that respect is mutual. In your eyes, I may be a dog. But in the eyes of my brother , Can't let go of five drinks.
    If it is a puppy, there can be no bloodline certificate at that time, because the breeder needs to report to the China CKU Dog Industry Association before applying for a bloodline certificate to submit an application for birth paper. A sheet of biological paper, the breeder brought the birth paper and the puppy to the designated location of the association to implant the chip, and then applied for a bloodline certificate. Therefore, when buying a puppy, you can ask the breeder to send your puppy's parents. Of course, many sellers are unwilling to provide it, or send you one at will. This is the issue of attitude. We will not discuss it. At least well -known dog houses or well -known players are disdainful of doing things, and even more of them use a deck certificate to harm the player. If the player suspects that the certificate does not match the dog, he can propose a DNA test to the CKU Association.
    3. Photos of the parent and maternal family -players can ask for photos of these dogs as a reference to the breeder. At least they must see the appearance of grandpa, grandma, grandpa, and uncle. Of course, some people are unable to provide, because they don't know who they are, (enough professionalism). We assume that all the photos are true, and the photos can be clear at a glance. If these parents have obvious defects, you think where the puppy can get better in the future, and the photo can guess the puppy look in the future. Of course, it is very related to the breeding of the new owner in the future.
    The purchase of puppies is gambling. Parents are very beautiful. Every puppy that is born is beautiful. I will choose dogs with good bloodlines and beautiful parents as breeding foundations, so that the probability of high -quality puppies is much higher. High -quality adult dogs are a price, and puppies are another price. Everyone can do it. After writing so much, there is only one purpose. French cattle is a relatively special variety. He needs to pay more attention to breeding management and blood than other varieties. So please choose the healthy and good quality of the Bulls, the price of the French bullfighting dog is price and one point!

  2. French bullfighting dogs are stubborn, cute, smart, and friendly to children. They are very popular partner dogs. What are the characteristics of pure French bullfighting dogs? Xiaobian teaches you to choose a pure -breed French bullfighting dog
    1, purebred French bullfighting dog body strong and strong
    Whether in the pet market or dog house, when buying a French bullfighting dog, you must take a look at it. What about the dog's physique? Generally, the pure -breed French bullfighting dog is strong and strong, and powerful, and when standing, the posture is godly. When walking, the pace is unified. Sleeping on the ground, such dogs are generally not purebred dogs, and their bodies are problematic.
    2, purebred French bullfighting dog's head is about square
    If it is a purebred French bullfighting dog, the head is generally large, and the shape of a square is presented. It is relatively flat, and the pure -breed French bulldog has big eyes. The eyes are very bright, clear, and bright. If the eyes are turbid, it means that it is not a purebred dog; Planting dogs, and their lips and nose should be black.
    3, the hair of purebred French bull dogs is bright and soft
    The fur of the purebred French bullfighting dog is shorter, and it is very soft and shiny. Generally speaking Brown is more common. If you look at it at a glance, the quality of the dog's hair is particularly poor, without luster, and it is easy to dry, easy to break, and is not a purebred dog. If you want the dog's hair better, you can pay attention to the daily diet of the dog, such as cooked egg yolk, deep -sea fish oil, etc., which can make the hair look better and beautiful.
    4, purebred French bullfighting dogs are rich in bone
    If it is a purebred French bullfighting dog, whether it is on the feet or on the legs, the bone size is relatively abundant, and the skeleton is relatively large. If you touch the dog's paws and the bones of the legs, you feel that the dog's skeleton is relatively small, and the dog's overall feeling is thinner. Such a French bullfighting dog is basically not a purebred dog. The skeleton of purebred dogs is large, and the overall body looks very strong and powerful.
    The above points are several criteria for the French bullfighting dogs summarized by the editor for you. I hope that when you buy a French bullfighting dog, you can get a reference to help you buy a purebred French Bulldog.

  3. Tail: Screw tail. The position of the tail should be slightly leaning. The hips should be wide but not wide than the shoulders. Legs: Regardless of the male mother's hind legs, it should be slightly longer than the front leg. Stand a little back backwards (cause the back of the legs to lean forward slightly forward, the front leg vertical ground). The abdomen is developed. The ribs should be as close as possible to the front chest. The shoulders are wide, and the head must be wide. The ears are close, the eyes are large and round, and there is a deep pit between the eyes and the nose. The ears must be "bat ear". Don't choose all white or all black, black and white, so that the blood will be more pure. This dog is a small and medium -sized partner dog.
    Is: I like to play with children very much. When having children, be careful not to loosen the dog rope, so as not to get the parents' fear of causing misunderstandings. Rarely barking. I only call when entering the cage and fighting, and the dogs are not often called when playing. This dog will only bite furniture and slippers in 5 or 6 months. , Bulula body and mouth are more stinky, but I found that it has a small odor when eating people's meals, and the smell of dog food is strong. This is more good at running. The fat is more cute) depends on what you take. To raise this dog's home, you must always prepare chloricin eye drops. The corners of the dog's eyes are prone to inflammation and red dots.
    The is basically so much, if there are shortcomings, I hope to add

  4. In fact, selecting a French bullfighting dog, we can observe whether the dog's eyes have tears, the hair is not clean, and whether there is ears and the like. These are more critical places that can determine the unhealthy factors of dogs.
    If the French bullfighting dog, here is a reminder that you must keep your diet a light diet, because before my family fights, I think that it doesn't matter what dogs eat. I always buy some goods in the supermarket. It's still stinky after taking a bath.
    In I have also checked the dog's body odor on the Internet. I learned that in addition to care, the diet is also the key. It is best to eat high -quality natural food. Later Instead of "non -greasy natural dog food", it usually feeds meat, fruits and fruits, regular cleaning, squeezing anal gland, etc., basically there is no big odor.

    Thente dogs are not important. The key is to be healthy.
    above is the personal experience, hopes to adopt ~

  5. When choosing a French bullfighting, you must first observe its head. Its head size is relatively large, similar to square shapes. The head covered between the ears was relatively flat, and there was a depression between the eyes.
    . Its mouth is very soft, wide and thick, lips are black, and facial muscles are developed. The eyes are bright and clean.
    The healthy dogs are clear and clean, without tears and dirt, the whole body is compact, the bones are strong, and there will be no vomiting and diarrhea. When walking, the gait is stable and stable, and the whole look looks very stable.
    The standard French bullfighting dog's neck is short and slightly arched, with short body, thick bones, muscles is more developed, the forelimbs should be straight and short, the hind limbs should be strong, the hair is short, smooth, soft and soft, soft and soft There is luster, the hair color is a slightly red tiger, pale yellow or brown, or a white -colored magic pattern.

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