1 thought on “How to choose a purebred bullfighting dog”

  1. In fact, selecting a French bullfighting dog, we can observe whether the dog's eyes have tears, the hair is not clean, and whether there is ears and the like. These are more critical places that can determine the unhealthy factors of dogs.

    If the breeding of French bullfighting dogs, I would like to remind everyone that you must keep your diet a light diet, because my family fights because I think it doesn't matter what dogs eat. I found that the dog was still stinky even if I took a bath.

    In I have checked the cause of the dog's body odor on the Internet. I learned that in addition to care, the diet is also the key. It is best to eat high -quality natural food. Later It changes dog food, and it is "non -greasy natural dog food". It usually feeds meat, fruits and fruits, regular cleaning, squeezing anal gland, etc. Basically, there is basically no smell.

    Thente dogs are not important. The key is to be healthy.
    above is the personal experience, hopes to adopt ~

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