4 thoughts on “What are the characteristics of purebred French cattle?”

  1. 1. The head is relatively wide

    If the pure breed of your family, then its head is relatively large, and it presents a square shape, and a purebred French bullfighting dog's eyes It is also particularly bright and clear, bright and clear indicates that it is impure. There is also a purebred French bullfighting dog's nose, the darker the better and the nose is wider!
    2, the muscle muscles of the limbs

    want to know that the French bullfighting dog is pure and impure breed, and the owner can also see its limbs. And strong, bending slightly rolled, the hind limbs are strong, slightly longer on the forelimb. There must be a regularly replenishing French cattle to supplement it to calcium, otherwise it is easy to cause skeletal deformation!
    3, short and round body

    . A purebred French bullfighting dog should be short and round, the bones are very thick, the chest is very wide, the ribs are full and the upward is accepted. The back of the shoulder is relatively short and the waist is very narrow. So as long as you look at the body of French cattle, you can also judge that it is pure and implicit!
    4, the ears are bat ear

    French bullfighting dogs are also very important to see its ears. A pure breed of French cattle ears are typical "bat ear", The two ear spacing is large, and the ears are standing. If it is not a "bat ear", then it means that it is not a purebred French cattle!
    5, the color of the hair

    The pure -breed French bullfighting dog coat is a slightly red tiger, pale yellow or brown, or white background magic pattern, so in the way It is also important to see the color color when choosing a French bullfighting dog. Also, you must pay more attention to the salt absorption of French cattle.
    French cattle breeding:

    The pet owner of the French cattle, it is recommended to eat less irritating food for French cows, and do not give it too much Fa Niu made black and smelly. When choosing a staple dog food for French cattle, it is best to choose a dietary fiber to effectively reduce the anal glandular fluid, and it can also improve the situation of black and odorous.

  2. The head of Farou is relatively wide and wider. The head between the two ears is relatively flat, the head of the head is relatively prominent, and the eyebrows are obviously rolled. French cattle's ears are typical "bat ear", generally medium size, wide roots, and tip.

  3. First, the hair color is bright, it looks very spiritual, and the figure is well -proportioned.
    . The leg muscles are firm and the lines are smooth.
    . The ears are standing up, the eyes are large, the tail is short and small, it looks cute, and the personality is lively.

  4. First point, ears
    Pure breed of Fa Dou ears are typical "bat ear", generally medium size, wide roots, and tip. Both ears are located in a higher position on the head, with large spacing spacing and standing ears. The ears are forward, and the skin of the ears is delicate and soft.
    The second point, tail
    The biggest feature of French bullfighting is the tail. The French bulldog has a tail, and the natural short tail is also the ideal length. The tail is relatively thick. The tip of the tail is relatively thin.

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