What do you need to pay attention to when breeding pet dogs? Hygiene issue

What do you need to pay attention to when breeding pet dogs? Hygiene issue

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  1. People who raise dogs usually like their dogs more and more, treating dogs as their children and loved ones, so there will be many intimate moves, which is the same for me, but sometimes sometimes sometimes sometimes We don't have to keep a distance from dogs to ensure our own health. I focus on the health of the stomach and the health of the skin.
    It guarantee our gastrointestinal health
    In order to ensure our gastrointestinal health, try not to kiss the dog or eat food with dogs. In fact, I know that people who raise dogs are basically not cared for the dog's dirt, because on the one hand, we are already working hard to take care of the dogs cleanly, and on the other hand, we do not dislike the health problems that the dog cannot solve. What I want to remind here is that the extreme situation to be avoided is to kiss and eat food with dogs. After all, the dogs go out to play every day, and they love the taste on the ground very much. There are too many things that taste. For some dirty things we think, dogs just feel rich, he will smell licking, so There will be a lot of bacteria around the dog's nose and nose. When we kiss or eat food with the dogs, these bacteria will run into our stomach.
    It guarantee our skin health
    In order to ensure our skin health, try not to let the dogs go to bed, especially in summer, be alert to the parasites brought by the dog. It is difficult to let dogs go to bed, and I also know that we often love dogs. Then we try not to let the dog go to bed in the summer. This is relatively simple to achieve, because the ground is cooler and faster on the ground in summer. In summer, the possibility of dogs infected with various parasites is very high. There are many parasites such as fleas and tapeworms in the grass. Dogs will bring these parasites to the environment that contacts with our skin. And flea eggs are difficult to clean up. Although we will find a way to keep the dog from being stained with these parasites, it is still impossible to completely eliminate it, so it is be careful.

  2. It must have time to have time. This is important. You need to take care of enough time to take care of it and educate it, especially when a lot of bad habits when you were a kid. Could you please see that it has inappropriate behaviors when you have an inappropriate behavior. You must stop the calculation of the account after autumn. The sebum of Taiqin Dog has a certain protective effect of washing Taiqin, but it is easy to clean the ears to clean the ears every day. Every time you take a bath, you can look at the nails. When walking and puppies bone development, it must squeeze the anal gland by the way (usually squeezed once every half a month). Long hair dogs recommend combing hair every day. You can comb your cat every day. If you do n’t comb the knot for ten days and a half months, you will be very painful if you want to comb. There will be a lot of accomplishment when you get a little milk dog with a cute and obedient guy

  3. 1. The easiest thing is that dogs love cleanliness. They should take a bath frequently and pay attention to the hygiene and trimming of hair.

    2. The diet of dogs is particularly important. First of all, dogs have to drink clean water. Because dogs have always eaten nutritious dog food, they should not be leftover. bad. Vomiting.

    3, the excessive salty of dogs will often flow tears, which is not good for the dog's image.

    This dogs really need to be careful !!

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