4 thoughts on “Do you like French bullfighting? Do you know how to choose the French bullfighting dog?”

  1. How to buy a French bullfighting dog?
    (1) Before choosing a dog you bought, you can refer to some introduction information about this dog on the one hand, and on the other hand, you can visit people with such dogs on the spot. The characteristics of all parts of the dog's body are understandable, so that you can be intimate when choosing.
    (2) The head of the French bullfighting dog should be relatively large. Compared with square, the skulls between the two ears are relatively flat, and there is a depression between the two eyes.
    (3) The mouth and nose are wide and deep, the lips are soft and generous, the facial muscles are developed, and the lower cheeks are deep, square, wide, and slightly tilted. The nose is also wide. The lips should be black.
    (4) The eyes should be under the skull, large and round, far away from the ears, not eye -catching, and darker color; Ear hair should be fine and soft.
    (5) The neck should be short and slightly arched, and the skin of the neck and throat should be relaxed, but the skin should not sag.
    (6) The body should be short and round, the bones should be strong, the muscles should be developed, the chest should be wide and deep, the ribs should be plump and closed, the shoulders should be wide and short, the waist should be narrow, the hips should be bent, the abdomen should be developed Essence
    (7) The forelimb is straight and short, the hind limbs are strong and longer than the forelop, the foot is moderate, and the toes and claws are short. The tail is short, the base is thick and drooping.
    (8) The hair is short and thin and smooth, soft and shiny, with a slightly red tiger color, light yellow or brown, or the magic pattern of the white background.
    (9) If the ears are not bats, the nose is too light, and the weight is too much, it is a inferior product. It is recommended not to choose.
    (10) If the head is small and narrow, the lower jaw is thin and pointed, the muscles are small, the eyes are prominent, and the eyes are grayish yellow and other light colors, which do not conform to the characteristics of this variety.
    (11) If the tail is slender upward, the neck is slender, smooth and flat;
    (12) When choosing, remind you that you must choose those who are physically strong and strong, have a strong posture when standing, and flexibly coordinate and relax when walking.

  2. I like it very much; choose a bullfighting dog with a square head, a bull with a wide nose, and a black bullfighting dog with a black lips and nose.

  3. I like French bullfighting dogs. Their looks are very happy to look at it, making people feel very cute; I have to choose lively and cute, and there are not many folds on the face.

  4. I like French bullfighting very much. When we choose French bulldogs, we must first observe whether its eyes are clear, so that it can know whether its body is healthy.

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