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  1. Because there are many varieties of dogs, all kinds of cute, well -behaved, domineering dogs are all, so more and more people like dogs, more and more people are more and more people. But dog breeding will also cause some trouble for their homes. For example, dogs have a lot of bacteria, so dogs are more serious. Especially in the family, there are children and dogs more bacteria. Children eat directly after contacting the dog. This is very acceptable and can easily cause patients.
    Therefore, you need to do a good job in protecting your works so that your family is not affected by bacteria. In fact, just doing these two points, it is more effective to take off bacteria, and it is still a clean and comfortable home.
    For dog nests for dog nests, each shovel should prepare a dog nest for the dog. The dog sleeps in the keo foil is very warm and comfortable. Because it is cool, it will not catch a cold. In addition, you can prevent dogs from sleeping on the bed, on the sofa, and then many bacteria in these places, which will bring a certain threat to their family. Therefore, every qualified shovel should prepare a warm and comfortable dog foothills for dogs, which can make the dog sleepy enough.
    The dogs with carrion agents will have furry, but some dogs fall, and some dogs are very serious! When the dog fails, the bacteria on the body will follow the dog's hair in the house, which seriously affects the health of the family. Xiaobian recommends sticky artifacts, which are especially used to stick hair, which is very effective.
    Idders to disinfect the disinfection agent. When the dog is playing, there will be a lot of bacteria. The dog jumps to the sofa at home. Some bacteria will stay on the sofa and then breed a lot of bacteria. For your family's health, the shovel must be disinfected regularly. Because you want to disinfect, you need to use a disinfectant. At present, everyone is usually used in 84 disinfection water, which has a certain harm to the human body and hurts the dog.
    Make in your dog care, no matter what the smell scatter, it is still a hair problem. This is also a thing that happened. These measures to reduce the reproduction of the pathogen, the dog itself is also very important. Clearing your own cleaning and slowing down from the source, so how should a dog be washed?
    It this is in the summer, many people think that the dog is hot, but the dog first protects the hair of the body, which will cause the dog's body to automatically secrete more oil to protect the skin, causing the shovel to pay attention to the short shaft of the dog.
    The people often take a clean bath for dogs, but it is usually necessary. This will destroy the acid -base balance of the dog's skin and make the dog have too much oil and eventually produce it, so don't worry too much.
    It usually clean your teeth regularly, or eat some dog biscuits to dogs, anus, ears are also usually cleaned. Here is to pay attention to dogs. It should be used to bake ears, and dogs can be deleted. Do not use cotton swabs to avoid pushing.

  2. 1. Wash your hands or disinfect with soap before playing with your pet. When playing, pets and people will sweat, and it is easy to allow bacteria to breed in hand, clothes and other places, so after playing with pets, they should be cleaned as much as possible. 2. Don't let your pet lick your face. Although studies have shown that this does not necessarily have the connection of inevitable bacterial transmission. If you like to express the intimacy between pets in this way, you should also pay attention to try not to lick your mouth and nose triangle, which will be safer. 3. Wash the bowls of pets and drinking water with a single sink. If you have only one sink, make sure to disinfect the bowl of pets. 4. Pay attention to your pet's daily health, and regularly take pets for health checks, especially when pets are injured by veterinarian wound treatment. The health checks of ordinary pets every six months or a year.

  3. First, prepare dog nest for dogs

    E each shoveling officer should prepare a dog's nest for the dog. The dog sleeps in the keys' nest is very warm and comfortable. Essence In addition, prepare a nest for dogs can also avoid the dog sleeping on the bed and sofa, and then breed a lot of bacteria in these places, which will bring a certain threat to the health of the family. Therefore, every qualified shoveling officer should prepare a warm and comfortable dog foothills for the dog, which is important to make dogs sufficient and comfortable sleep.
    . The shoveling officer is always prepared to be sticky artifact at home. We need to prepare pet sticking artifacts to clean up the hair dropped by the dog in time.
    three. Disinfection and sterilization of the home regularly

    Pets after raising pets at home, it is necessary to disinfect regularly. When choosing a disinfectant, you try to choose the disinfectant of plant raw materials, which is non -toxic and harmless and there is no irritating taste. Even if the dog accidentally licks to the disinfectant, there will be no harm. In addition, this disinfectant will not cause harm to the human body. The shoveling officials can use it safely.

  4. I think we should take a bath regularly, and then wash your hands in time after touching the pet. When you mop at home, put some disinfection solution so that you can protect it.

  5. Many people now like pets, but they will have a lot of bacteria on them. In daily life, we must take a bath regularly to help them clean up the feces.

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