5 thoughts on “Is there a bacterial virus at home?”

  1. There may be bacterial viruses at home at home;
    The reason is that the petaus such as bacteria, viruses, fleas, etc. on the pets must be carried out, so the vaccination and parasitic prevention of parasites in the body must be taken. Hair, individuals should pay attention to hygiene, so as to ensure everyone's health.

    The ancestor of dogs
    No one knows when people interact with the wolf for the first time. Some scientists believe that it may be 50,000 years ago, because it takes at least so long for the wild wolf to develop today's genetic differences. At that time, people and wild wolves were distributed in many places on the surface of the earth, and the evolutionary process may occur in several different areas.
    It scholars believe that wolf 14,000 years ago, and may even be domesticated by humans from wild wolves to domestic animals, dogs, and home nursing homes.

  2. There must be, it is easier for dogs to carry bacteria and viruses, especially for those who are weak, pregnant women, and children who are weak. Therefore, when nourishing pet dogs, you must pay attention to the hygiene of the room, work hard, wash the cushion in the room, or install a purifier to remove the bacterial virus brought by the room.

  3. Pets are easy to carry pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fleas, so they must be vaccinated and the epidemic prevention of parasites in the body and outside the body. Usually take a bath regularly, combing hair every day, and individuals should pay attention to hygiene in order to ensure everyone's health.

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