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  1. Dogs that cannot be eaten by dogs are chocolate, onion, grapes, etc. This type of food is more irritating and can easily cause dog poisoning. In addition, some raw chicken, raw eggs, raw beef, milk, high -sugar and high -salt foods are also taboos of dogs.
    1, chocolate
    chocolate contains alkaline, cocoainer, which belongs to a stimulant, a small amount of chocolate will cause the dog to diarrhea and vomit. Spasm and even cause heart disease. In severe cases, the dogs will lose their lives, so the dogs can never eat chocolate.
    2, some vegetables
    vegetables that can not be eaten by dogs are: onions, green onions, celery, tomatoes, coriander, sweet potato, barley, wheat, corn (containing protease inhibitors), leather and germination of germination Tudou, rapeseed.
    The foods such as onions and green onions are more irritating, which will destroy the red blood cells in the dog's body, and it will cause the dog to have hemolytic anemia. Onions should not be eaten for dogs.
    3, some fruits
    The fruits that dogs cannot eat are: grapes, Hawaii, plums, plums, plums, loquats, cherries, pineapple (alkaloids and pineapple proteins are prone to allergies, pH is too acidic), mango), mango) , Peach, immature tomato. Other fruits should also be eaten in moderation. Poisoning cases are common in the entire fruit with belt seeds.
    4, milk
    The dogs are born with lactose intolerance. Drinking a lot of milk will cause dog diarrhea and dehydration. If you want to supplement the dog, you can choose goat milk.
    5. Cat food
    Cat food contains higher taurine. If the dog takes too much intake, it will cause poisoning.
    6, chicken, duck bone head
    chickens, duck bones are slender and hard. They will scratch or stuck in the dog esophageal, or even pierced. This is more dangerous.
    7, fatty meat
    too much fat intake can cause dogs to suffer from pancreatitis. For the health of the dog, try not to eat too much fat for the dog.
    8, seafood
    If seafood allergies can cause dog pimples, diarrhea, irritability.
    9, high sugar food
    The long -term consumption of such foods will easily cause dogs to suffer from tooth decay and gastrointestinal diseases, and also cause dog obesity.
    10, high -salt food
    The intake of high -salt food will affect the health of the dog's kidney and cause symptoms such as skin diseases and hair removal.
    11, xylitol
    We all know that chocolate is very lethal to dogs, very terrible. But for the dog, the lignol is more lethal, and the lignol is mainly in the gum. Half of gum is enough to cause 10 pounds of teddy acute hypoglycemia. 3 grams of xylitol can kill 60 pounds of dogs. After consumption, the blood sugar drops sharply and does not deal with it for 24 hours, which can cause severe liver failure and death of the dog. Therefore, for dogs, the toxicity of xylitol is 100 times that of chocolate. Therefore, you must not be fed! Can't feed! Can't feed! Toothpaste, gum, etc. at home, be sure to put it! Prevent dogs from eating!
    12, the seeds and cores of fruits
    This is very important. Some fruits that are beneficial to dogs, such as apples, seeds and nucleus contain cyanide, which are fatal for people and dogs to be fatal and dogs. poison. Cyanide can also exist in the dog's intestine, and there is no sign of a sign of the dog within 24 hours. It is a good thing to eat fruits for dogs, but the seeds and cores inside are very dangerous!

  2. First, dogs cannot eat bones, especially chicken and ducks.

    . Dogs cannot eat liver for a long time. Long -term consumption can cause excessive vitamin A or even poisoning.

    . Dogs cannot eat foods, onions and other foods. Some dogs in this kind of food can cause cell hemolysis and occur in hematuria.

    . Dogs cannot eat chocolate. Some dogs are excited after eating, and chocolate contains a lot of sugar, which is harmful to the health of the dog.

    five. Dogs cannot eat allergic foods such as seafood.

    . Dogs cannot eat high sugar, high fat, and high salt foods. High -sugar and high -fat foods can easily cause dogs to gain weight and induce a series of diseases; excessive salt points will inevitably increase the burden on kidney excretion, affect the health of the kidneys, break the balance of body fluid, cause various skin diseases

    Do not let your dogs be full to avoid acute diseases such as gastric dilation. Overlashing is more harmful to puppies. Due to the weak digestion capacity of puppies and poor control of hungry, it is more likely to cause full fullness, which will cause acute gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting

  3. Foods that cannot be eaten for dogs]

    1, alcoholic drinks: can cause poisoning, coma or death.

    2, avocado leaves, seeds, fruits and bark include types: this may cause vomiting and diarrhea.

    3, chocolate, coffee, tea and other caffeine: food containing caffeine, cocoa or catexine.

    4, citrus oil: will cause vomiting

    5, fat foods: may cause pancreatitis

    6, grapes, raisins, pool, mango: contain Unknown toxins damage the liver.

    7, human vitamin supplements: contain iron that damage the digestive system and other organs, including liver and kidney.

    8, Xiawei Yi Ren: Contains an unknown toxin. It can affect the digestive system and muscles.

    9, mushrooms: containing toxins may affect multiple systems, cause impact, and cause death.

    10, milk: puppy cannot drink, because milk components and dog milk components are completely different. The puppy is easy to diarrhea. But for healthy dogs, since it likes to drink and drink it, there is no problem. Occasionally a few mouthfuls, also full of cozy

    11, irritating food: for example, pepper. Ginger. garlic. black pepper. Do not eat it. You don't want your puppy to become the same as neuropathy after eating these things?

    12, raw eggs: cannot eat jacket. It will affect dog hair. Also diarrhea. Cook it before eating

    13, food with too much salt: Strictly speaking, we should not feed dogs to eat every day. Because there are too many salt and oils. It's not good for dogs. But I don't think anyone can do this, the dog dads and dogs, right? Even if dogs have dog food and have special meals for them. When we eat, we can't stand the eyes they look forward to and give them two pieces of meat. Don't be nervous. It's okay to eat a little bit. It's just that it is best to put the meat in your mouth and remove some salt before feeding the dogs. But you must not take human meals as a staple food for dogs.

    14, snake hemp: containing unknown compounds, which can cause asthma, accelerated heartbeat, increased body temperature, sudden heart disease, or even death.

    15, persimmon: persimmon seeds can cause intestinal obstruction and gastroenteritis.

    16, the nucleus of the peach and plum: can cause the digestive tract obstruction.

    17, sugar food: can cause obesity, dental problems, and may cause diabetes, cause hearing decline, or even lose
    n18, fermentation dough: expand in the digestive system, generate generate Gas causes pain and may even cause diarrhea.

    19, onion: (sulfide poisoning) Poisoning symptoms: weight loss. Tired, lazy. Frequent asthma. Significantness. The pulse is rapid. weak. A thin -film secretions appear in the gums and mouth

    20, raw meat: This should not need to be said. Will diarrhea. And it is also easy to parasitize insect disease. do not eat

  4. Hello!
    The dogs cannot eat chicken and duck bones, and eating can easily cause gastrointestinal bleeding. Dogs can not eat stimulating foods such as green onion, garlic, pepper, and consumption can easily cause respiratory diseases. Dogs can not eat cocoa products such as chocolate, as well as some fruits such as grapes and peaches. Mistasis can cause poisoning and acute renal failure and endanger life.
    1. Chicken and duck bones
    The dogs cannot eat chicken and duck bones. It is best not to eat fish bones. These animal bones are small. At the same time, these bones are pointed and hard, so it will easily scratch the dog's esophagus and gastrointestinal, cause internal bleeding, and threaten the safety of the dog's life.
    2, onion and garlic
    The dogs cannot eat stimulating foods, such as pepper, pepper, garlic, green onion, onion, and so on. Once the dog eats these foods, the respiratory tract is vulnerable to severe stimulation, causing respiratory diseases, and onions, green onions, etc. can also cause hemolytic anemia, which will hurt the dog's life in severe cases.
    3, cocoa products
    The dogs cannot eat coffee beans and chocolates. This type of cocoa products contain cocoa bases. After eating, dogs cannot digest such substances and easily cause poisoning.

  5. What can a dog eat?
    First of all, toxic and harmful things cannot be eaten, and some normal things cannot be eaten by dogs, that is, they ca n’t eat it frequently, or eat a lot!
    First of all, onion, onion poisoning is a orthopedic propylene sulfide contained in the onion reacts with the blood red blood cells in the dog's body. This situation will cause acute hemolytic anemia. In addition to onions, this substance also contains this substance in similar plants such as leek and garlic.
    Then there are raw eggs and milk. If you feed a lot, you will also diarrhea, and you will die seriously!
    The is chocolate, raisins! Chocolate can cause dog heart disease, coma and death. The purine content of cocoa -alkaline in chocolate is very high. They can damage the dog's kidneys. Chocolate also contain caffeine, which is also very harmful to the health of the dog. The more pure chocolate, the smaller the dog, the greater the chance of poisoning

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