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    It what dogs can bite, such as bite, bite, bite stick, and so on. This is an essential weapon for dogs to prevent the dogs from bite shoes and sofas. For dogs, the taste is good, and it can effectively alleviate its oral discomfort.
    The dogs need to attack enough nutrition to attack. For example, calcium nutrition. If the dog is deficient in calcium at this time, the teeth are not easy to fall off, and the teeth are not easy to grow. At this stage, parents must reasonably supplement the dog calcium to meet their physical needs. When the two goods were changed to teeth, I didn't give it less calcium powder. It started to bite desperately as soon as I saw the jar. I want to eat how much. I sweat. Essence Essence
    In the process of changing teeth, it is necessary to observe the situation in a timely manner. If there are new teeth and the old teeth cannot fall off, then you must take the dog to see a doctor. Check out what the reason is, and then extract teeth for dogs. Pet dogs are definitely not a thing that can be sloppy. To ensure that the dog can eat normally in the future, there is a good sip. You must pay special attention when you change your teeth.

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