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  1. . Dog's gum swelling and pain
    It may occur when dogs change to teeth. The owner can help the dog relieve discomfort in the following ways:
    1. Eat broken ice Block: Eating broken ice cubes for dogs can not only make it have something to bite, but also the cold feeling of anesthesia gums can be temporarily anesthetized. However, it should be noted that dogs must be moderate, especially dogs with poor stomachs. It is best not to choose this method to reduce the discomfort of its teeth. The owner can also freeze the wet towel into ice cubes and bite the dog, which can prevent the dog from eating too much ice.
    2. Toys for dogs: The owner can buy toys and foods for chewing for the dog, such as dog bite glue, so as to avoid dogs bite furniture because of teeth discomfort.
    3, grinding tooth rods: Dog's grinding rods are generally made of a variety of nutritious ingredients. It is moderate and moderate. It can rub the gums and relieve the dog's gum swelling and pain. In addition, the dog bite the tooth rod may also clean the mouth and strong tooth bed, which is also conducive to the healthy growth of permanent teeth.

    . The precautions for changing dogs to teeth
    1. Some pet owners may add a lot of calcium when the dog changes teeth, but in fact, the dogs in the period of teeth are in the formation. In the long run, the pet owner will continue to supplement it for nutrition when the dog is growing. If you still add an additional calcium to the dog in this case, it is likely to be counterproductive. Dogs to teeth are a necessary growth process. The pet owner only needs to adjust the nutritional matching slightly on the basis of daily feeding.
    2. Dogs have many factors in the process of teeth change, including the deciduous teeth caused by excess calcium supplementation, not easy to use teeth, etc. Therefore, when the dog changes to teeth, the owner must pay attention to Whether the dog's deciduous teeth fall off. If the dog has a tendency to have long double teeth, you must take the dog to the hospital for treatment in time.

    The long -term existence of dog double row of teeth will make it easier to grow dental stones, and the risk of cavity disease will increase, which can be described as harmful but no benefit, so the owner must be in the dog in the dog Pay more attention to this problem when you change your teeth. If you have other questions, you can also consult an online pet doctor.

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