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  1. Dogs do not eat because of diseases. If you want to improve the phenomenon not to eat, you need to actively treat the primary onset. For example, when a dog is infected with gastroenteritis, the dog will also have anorexia. Essence At this time, the dog's primary onset is treated. The symptoms of not eating will naturally be relieved. It is recommended to take a dog to the pet hospital for diagnosis as soon as possible.

    This Dogs do not eat or need to pay attention to the dog because they are not hungry or because the dog's body is uncomfortable, or because the food is not adapted to solve it.
    Is when the dog does not eat, first observe why he does not eat. When I see the dog is very energetic, I run around, just don't eat. It is possible that he is training the host and let the owner add some snacks he likes to eat in his bowl. In this case, it is recommended to pick up the bowl and let the dog know that if he does not eat, the food will be taken away, and then half an hour, then take it down to eat it, and tell him that you will not eat today’s meal. I did n’t eat it. If you do n’t eat it, put away the rice and feed it next meal.
    It found a snot in the dog's nose, and repeatedly smelling it in the dog bowl, just don't eat. At that time, the owner had to think that he didn't want to eat, but his nose could not smell it. At this time, the owner wiped the dog rice on his mouth and let him taste it. If you do n’t eat it anymore, put some dogs to eat the wonderful fresh bags, or chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken, etc., you can smell the taste, the dog will eat.
    It always eats grass when the dog goes out, and does not eat when he comes back. Then dogs are likely to be uncomfortable with indigestion. At this time, don't force the dog to eat. If you eat it, you will only increase the discomfort of the stomach. Feed some yogurt and drink it. He will like to drink.

    Is to recall whether the dog has a good appetite and spiritual, can eat, and thin, and has the symptoms of bow and waist. If there are these symptoms, the dog is likely to be insects in the stomach and need to be deworming. See if there are insects in the feces when the dog defecates. If so, go to the pet shop for treatment as soon as possible.
    The worst case is that it may be a canine dishonad heating, of course, this probability is very small. But the owner should pay attention to observation. Canine plague will have repeated high fever, long -eyed shit, runny nose, cough, expression of burnout, drowsiness. If you have these symptoms, the owner should take it to the hospital early for examination.
    of course, sometimes the dog is also naughty. If you do n’t eat, maybe you do n’t want to eat, do n’t eat a meal, and then feed it later. Everything is normal. Don't worry too much.
    If you are sick, you need to treat the dog in time.

  2. The dog does not eat. At this time, he can hungry him for two days and he is going to eat. Don't get used to him too much.

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