1 thought on “What should I pay attention to during the dog's teeth?”

  1. What should I pay attention to during the dog change? The dogs at this stage are not only particularly curious, but they also like to bite everywhere because of the itch brought by teeth.
    It to avoid bite the wires, it is recommended that the owner collect dangerous items such as wires and batteries at home, or divide the activity area for it at home. During the dog's teeth, the owner could not find its deciduous teeth, and it was likely to be swallowed into the stomach, but don't worry.
    It attention is the situation where its permanent teeth come out, but the deciduous teeth have not yet fallen off. The dog's teeth change period needs to be appropriately supplemented by calcium, which is conducive to dog changes. You can feed egg yolk, bone soup, fish, shrimp skin, tofu and other bean foods, and can also give it some calcium tablets. This is a convenient and effective way to supplement calcium supplementation.

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