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    For us, in order to let ourselves have healthy and neat teeth when we change teeth, we will be more careful, and we also need to treat dogs. A good teeth are essential for dogs, so how to help dogs change a good teeth. What should be paid attention to when dogs change teeth are issues that need to be caring for us.
    First of all, we must pay attention to do not feed them a harder bone and snacks during the dog's teeth. During the teeth change, it will have itching and want to bite things. The owner can buy it for rubber toys to help them grind their teeth. These things will be sold on pet shops or online, and the price is relatively moderate. If the dog bites the other things in the house, parents must not cause more serious consequences because it is changing teeth.
    It, we should also pay attention to the diet of the golden retriever to ensure that you give enough nutrition every day. In your diet, do not feed too much food. When dogs change teeth, parents should not worry too much, do it naturally, and do not force them to remove their tooths that are about to fall off. There are also some parents who are afraid of the dogs who swallow their teeth and are always guarding the degree of falling off the dogs and observing the degree of falling off their teeth. In fact, it is not necessary.
    For us, we should pay attention to what dogs should pay attention to when changing teeth, but don't be shocked, such as the enemy, do what you should do, and the others are naturally fine. Essence

  2. There will be a period of teeth when the dog grows up. Generally, when the dogs grow and change teeth when they are 4-6 months old, the teeth and gums will feel itching and unbearable. Parents need to take care of guidance to help dogs pass the dental change period. Let's talk about the precautions:
    First, the breasts of the dog before the teeth are very small, but it is very sharp. This is why the puppy bites the person to bite people. Adults are larger and thicker than deciduous teeth. The color is white, the front teeth are tightly arranged, and the tip is rounded than the deciduous teeth.
    For the kind of wires, power supply, etc., it may not be exposed to the dog, because the dogs during this period are bite. When there is no one at home, you can consider putting it in the cage for the time being.
    Secondly, since a lot of dogs can't bite, of course, you need to provide the dog with something he can bite. Such as molar rods, dog bite ropes, dog bite glue, these. Personally recommend the kind of molars that can be eaten, even if you eat it, it is harmless to the dog.

    Third, calcium supplementation is also essential in the dog changing period of the dog. In this way, dogs can have a strong teeth, otherwise the teeth grow up are not good. Calcium deficiency is also easy to lead to double -row teeth. My family would use some MAG. Calcium powder for him, the effect was not bad. If the dogs are too hard, the dog can't eat it, so that the dog food is soaked and mixed with calcium powder. The dog likes to eat it very much.
    Fourth, the best way to relieve the pain during dental changes is ice compress. But it is definitely impossible to apply or eat the dog with ice cubes, it is easy to diarrhea! Intersection You can put the frozen room with a wet towel to freeze the dog. This is more convenient for dogs to bite without much ice to eat in your stomach. Two -one thing.
    Fifth, pay attention to the telephone line, use transparent glue and the like, stick and stick to the ground or wall. Don't show it out. My home calls are often inexplicably unavailable, that is, during that period, it was bitten or broken by dogs. Of course, pay attention to the new teeth of the dog growing up. I hope that every dog ​​can spend the teeth during the dental change.

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