1 thought on “What should I do if the dog does not eat?”

  1. Dogs do n’t eat, have no spirit, weak limbs, and have been lying on the following aspects of the following aspects:
    1. Stomach and stomach discomfort
    If new dog food, excessive diet, etc., will cause the dog's stomach Unwilling, no culprit, unwilling to eat. Dogs need to change food in order, and feed the dogs to eat probiotics on time to regulate the lower stomach.
    2. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal
    Dog gastroenteritis will be accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. At this time, you should pay attention to the dogs must fast, then feed the anti -inflammatory drugs, and then feed the appropriate amount of probiotics to observe the dog's condition.
    3. With a cold
    If the dog feels cold and a cold, such symptoms will also appear. If you find that its nose is dry or even has a snot, pay attention to keep warm. Drinking water, if you are severe, you need to feed cold medicine.
    4. Infectious diseases
    Once the dog appears at the same time, there is no mental, not eating or drinking, spitting down and diarrhea, weak limbs, and high body temperature. It may have diseases such as canine plague and small. Use a special test strip to detect it. Once confirmed, take a dog immediately for treatment. In addition, dogs infection with parasites will also occur, to observe whether the dog pulls insects.
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