5 thoughts on “If you are caught by your own dog, you will not bleed”

  1. It is not necessary to get an injection without bleeding by the dog. If there is no bleeding of the skin, it will not be infected. Clean up the wound.

    Prope dogs and stray dogs can be seen everywhere in daily life, but they are accidentally caught by them but they need to be completely cleaned and disinfected. Bring a lot of hidden dangers, you must immediately disinfect it immediately when you encounter this situation.

    If the dog has not been vaccinated by rabies, as long as the skin is damaged and scarred, whether or not he bleeds, it is necessary to be a rabies vaccine in accordance with regulations. After washing with soapy water, disinfect it with iodophor or alcohol, and go to the hospital or the centers as soon as possible to get rabies vaccine.

    The degree of attention to the dog's health.

    The is caught by a dog. Although there is no bleeding, rabies vaccine is injected within 24 hours. Disinfection of iodopophu with soap and water. Do not eat spicy and irritating food during the vaccine, drink plenty of water to promote metabolism.

    The current situation is accidentally caught, and there are obvious scratches in the local area. It is the local area of ​​soap and water, disinfection of iodophor, and prevent rabies and tetanus.

  2. Although there is no bleeding, it is a bit scratched and it is also a secondary exposure. It is also possible to infect rabies virus. People are not immune to rabies virus. Therefore, rabies vaccine is recommended within 24 hours. Otherwise, the rabies virus is 100 % mortality after rabies. If the rabies vaccine has been injected throughout three months, this time can not be injected. If the rabies vaccine in the whole process is between 3-6 months, it is recommended to make two-pin rabies vaccine. If the vaccine has been injected for more than half a year, it is recommended to inject this time.

  3. He was caught by a cat and had no bleeding. At this time, he might also need to be vaccinated. Because of the case where the injury is not bleeding, if there is obvious broken skin that is visible to the naked eye, it is a typical secondary exposure. Although this situation may not be as large as bleeding, there may be relatively small ones that may be infected with rabies. Therefore, this situation is also based on the process of rabies exposed, and rabies vaccine is also needed. Injecting rabies vaccine, it is recommended to perform the first needle injection within 24 hours after the injury. The entire process of injecting five stitches, then about a week after the first needle, can produce corresponding rabies disease neutralized antibodies, so that rabies vaccine can play a related role. Therefore, the cat has broken skin after the cat caught, but there is no bleeding, and it is also necessary to get a rabies vaccine. If you can't even find a broken skin in the naked eye, then this situation is generally not required to injection rabies vaccine.

  4. If the skin is broken, it is best to injected the vaccine for safety, and it is worth spending money for the safety of life.

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