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  1. We all know that after being bitten by a dog, in order to prevent rabies, they need to be injected, but many people do not know, but they are just caught by a dog or not to get an injection. In fact There is no need for injections, just disinfect it.

    ANA everyone knows that if you are bitten by a dog, in order to prevent rabies from going to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine, then if you are not bitten by a dog, you will be caught by the dog. If you have no bleeding, do you want to go to the hospital to get an injection? In fact, if it is only caught by a dog, it is not necessary to go to the hospital for injections, so you don’t need to worry too much. It is just that if there is no bleeding, there will be no infection, nor will it be in danger of being suffering from rabies. Therefore, if you are caught by a dog, you do n’t need to worry if you have no bleeding. rnrn如果只是被狗抓伤,手上出现淡淡的划痕,但是手部并没有出现任何流血或者是破损的迹象的话,那么大家是不需要太过担心的,因为这There will be no possibility of infection of rabies virus in the case, so for such people, just pay attention to disinfection and other wounds to recover. There is no need to go to the hospital for rabies vaccine. You must pay attention to maintaining safely with animals. After all, if you accidentally bite by animals, it is still very dangerous.

    If the hand is caught and no bleeding, the problem is not very big, so you don’t need to worry too much. Just use alcohol to clean the hand. It will not be infected with rabies. Many people like small animals, but some small animals are very dangerous, especially some stray dogs and stray cats. Everyone is usually far away from these stray cats and dogs, because these animals usually have no injections. If you bite, it is very likely to be infected with rabies, and we all know the harm of rabies to the human body.

    This can be introduced to everyone. It is just an introduction to being caught by a dog and no bleeding. I hope to help everyone. If the dog is caught by the dog, there is no bleeding. In fact, everyone doesn’t need to worry. It will not be infected with rabies. You only need to disinfect the affected area, but if you accidentally bleed, everyone will pay attention, because in this case, it is likely to suffer from rabies.

  2. Casting by the dog

    The was caught by the dog without bleeding: the bite was bitten by the dog, but the skin surface had bite marks or scratches and congestion. A rabies must be injected. Many people think that they do not need to inject vaccines. This view is wrong, and not bleeding may also cause infection.

    2. Bleeding by dogs and bleeding: The wound is bleeding and open wound. In addition to injecting rabies vaccines, it is necessary to add rabies to rabies immunocardian or globulin according to injury. Dogs that have injected vaccines can guarantee that they are not infected by other animals, but they cannot guarantee that it does not have bacteria and not infected people.

    . What to do if you are caught by a dog

    Once you are bitten by the dog, you can deal with the wound in time. The wound should be washed immediately with soapy water or a large amount of water flowing water to remove the dirt in the wound as much as possible, reducing the number of viruses into the body and toxic force; after washing Not bandaging, not applying ointment, etc., because rabies virus is more likely to survive in a closed environment.

    The rushed to a nearby hospital immediately after being caught by the dog to let the doctor deal with it according to the injury. The injection of rabies vaccine must be timely, it is best to vaccinate within 24 hours bitten by the dog. At this time, the effect is the best (rabies vaccine inject 5 stitches, on the day of being bitten, on the 3rd day, and 7th day. One needles each 14th and 28th day).

    . If the head and face or wound are large and deep, when the large blood vessels need to be sutured and bandaged, the premise of not hindering the drainage, ensuring full rinse and disinfection as the premise. Essence

    The is captured by your own dog and need to inject rabies vaccine. Because rabies are acute infectious diseases with different dates, preventing and cure, and 100%disease mortality.

    How how to avoid being caught by a dog

    Theuting to make troubles on people is a way of being intimate, but when there is a child at home, it is easy to cause it. The child was caught. If you want your child and dogs to build feelings, you can let the child reach out to touch the dog's body when there is an adult field. When the dog wants to rush over to make a loud password for "waiting" to stop it. After repeated several times, you can let the dog learn to touch it when you touch it.

  3. As cats and dogs become one of the families, rabies are valued by more people. Regardless of whether animals have been inoculated, if they are bitten by small animals, rabies should be injected in time. It is just the skin that is caught by a puppy, but there is no bleeding. This situation belongs to the secondary exposure and is recommended to vaccine.

    This biting and licking to the human body's injury skin may be infected with rabies. The mortality rate of rabies is almost 100%, so you must vaccinate the vaccine in time to prevent it before it occurs. After being caught by a dog, you need to use water and soapy water to clean the wound in time. The time of cleaning the wound should be about 15 minutes to 30 minutes. After the cleaning is completed, it is immediately disinfected with iodine. After this treatment Essence

    The exposure and severity of rabies is divided into three levels.

    1. The first -level exposure: the intact skin is licked or contacting pets by the dog;

    . Without bleeding or slight scratching, don't just rely on the naked eye to determine whether the skin is damaged. If the naked eye cannot be judged intuitively, you can wipe some alcohol skin on the skin, indicating that the skin's skin has been bitten.

    3. Third level exposure: Single or multiple places have penetrating bite marks and scratches. Perfecting refers to the dermis layer and vascular layer of the patient, and the naked eye visible clinically visible to the naked eye Bleeding. In addition, the mucosa is infected with the animals' liquid in infection with the following -kissing with animals or children's anus directly being licked by the dog when the stool is in the stool. Casting or causing skin injury and bleeding is also a third -level exposure.

    The above three situations need to be nurtured. The following three symptoms are recommended to vaccinate vaccines. Dogs that have been vaccinated must be injected in time, because the vaccine should be injected in time, because Do not understand whether the dog injection vaccine is effective. After being bitten by a dog, you can do simple cleaning at home. Washing the wound with flowing water and soapy water can greatly reduce the infection. If you have bleed bleeding, you must squeeze all the epidermal blood.

  4. The first is to be grasped by the dog or the dog outside the dog. If it is a dog outside, then you must break the injury needle. If it is a family dog, it is caught by a dog, but without bleeding, it is mainly for local disinfection treatment of the wound. At the same time, pay attention to the wounds. Try not to contact the water to avoid infection. Temporarily pay attention to the diet and do not eat any hot and sour food wounds before scabbing, you need to disinfect the daily disinfection every day. Pay attention to the wound crusting. Try not to scratch local scratches with your hands, otherwise it will easily lead to scars. If there is redness and pain, consider a certain inflammatory infection. It is necessary to apply some anti -inflammatory drugs in time, which is conducive to further recovery of inflammation.

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