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  1. Dogs are not bleeding but a little red, you need to see if the wound is broken. If the wound is not exposed, there is no need to get an injection.

    1. If you are accidentally scratched by your pet, you should immediately use soapy water to clean the wound, and then use iodine to disinfect the skin. In the case of health dogs and small wounds, rabies vaccine injection is not needed. If it is not determined whether it is a healthy dog, it is recommended to perform rabies vaccine injection within 24 hours.


    2. If you are caught by a strange dog, first deal with the wound and ask the owner dog. The owner went to the hospital for rabies vaccine injection, and then adopted the ten -day observation method, that is, if the dog did not die within 10 days, the subsequent vaccine injection could be stopped. Conversely, the entire vaccine injection treatment should be completed.

    3. If the wound is too large, in addition to injection of rabies vaccine, the tetanus needle should be injected, and the doctor is required to help the owner suture and disinfect the wound.

    So if you are accidentally caught by the dog, you do n’t have to panic. Take the rabies vaccine according to the actual situation and deal with the wound in time. Although dogs are cute, they should also have a degree when playing, especially the dog owner, you should trim your nails for the dogs in time to avoid hurting pedestrians and yourself. Taking the traction rope for external use, especially large dogs, in addition to preventing strangers, it can also prevent loss. At the same time, we must not only be responsible for the life of the pet, but also to be responsible for yourself.

    In after being caught by the dog, you need to clean the wound well.

  2. If you caught the injury, there will be something wrong with the broken skin. It is basically okay without breaking the skin. It is best to take a shot.

    This little common sense

    . Why do puppies like to bite things
    when the puppy is around after weaning and is about a monthly age During the teeth, it will be itchy;
    At the age of April and May, it will be itchy because of changing teeth; at least until eight and September, and when the constant teeth stop growing up, they will slowly stop itching.
    During this period, they will use the way to bite to stop itching.
    It will not bite after adulthood.
    If you bite again, it may be psychological factors, such as lack of security, loneliness, and want to find a master.

    . Why can't the puppy eat salty, because it will lose hair
    This Eating salty things has nothing to do with hair loss, and the hair is supported by healthy skin.
    is just eating too salty. Over time, the kidneys and hearts will occur.

    . The puppy eats a few meals a day. Some people say that they cannot feed the dog at noon. Is it true?
    Puchrine usually eats three to four meals before March;
    . Before June age, reduce one meal, and then reduce one meal before the age of one; Or two meals, it depends on the vitality, body shape, and fatness of the dog.
    , for puppies around March, I am afraid not to feed at noon.
    It how much the dog eats is calculated: the dog's weight (market) x 40 grams of dog food = 1 day of food (one day)

    why puppy Drop hairy.
    At the age of March and April, the puppy will be replaced with permanent hair. At this time, its hair is very powerful, it looks strange and extremely extremely. Bright and hard new hair.
    In addition, the seasons will also lose hair when changing hair. For example, when people in spring and long hair are replaced with short hair, it will fall for more than a month. , But not obvious.
    If the whole piece of hair drops and is accompanied by a large amount of dandruff, or the skin is different, it is skin disease. Some symmetry may also be caused by endocrine disorders.

    . My puppy often vomits, but the spirit is very good, what's going on.
    This dogs and cats are arranged and the ground is parallel to the ground because of four feet, and because humans are on the ground, the digestive tract is vertical on the ground.
    Because there is still the involvement of gravity, people do not spit out; and dogs and cats have less gravity because of this gravity,
    When constipation, or the food is a little wrong, it is easy to vomit.
    Sometimes vomiting is still a process of self -treatment, because they are more comfortable after vomiting.
    but if the mental is poor and spit, and there are other symptoms, you must go to see the doctor.

    It some small dogs secrete stomach acid due to hunger in the morning, and will also vomit acid water. At this time, they must immediately adjust their eating time,
    The problem of upper gastrointestinal tract, small dogs are more prone to nausea or vomiting, which is often the cause of poor appetite or picky eaters.

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