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  1. After the pet dog is scratching the epidermis, if there is no blood at the wound, and the pet dog has a rabies vaccine in advance, then the possibility of contagiousness is not high. Generally, the wound is disinfected. If you don't worry, you can get a rabies vaccine. If you are scratched by crazy dogs and wild dogs, you must not only disinfect the wound immediately, but also immediately go to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine.
    The nails of pet dogs to scratch the epidermis without blood treatment method
    If the pet dog scratching the skin, but there is no bleeding at the wound, you only need to use soapy water and iodophor for local disinfection. Rest assured, you can go to the hospital to get rabies vaccine to avoid sudden emergencies.

    It should cut dog nails frequently to avoid pain caused by nails scratching the epidermis and bleeding at the wound. At this time, it is very likely to be infected. Treat the wounds in time to avoid rabies.

    It if the nails of crazy dogs and wild dogs have no bleeding, but pain causes pain, then it means that bacterial infection with the wound and the chance of infection is still very large. Avoid sudden symptoms. Immediately to the recent nearest to the nearest symptoms The hospital, first disinfect the wound, and then get a rabies vaccine.

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