1 thought on “How to blow the dog with a hair dryer with a hair dryer to blow the dog”

  1. In principle, take a bath for the dogs. Do not wash your face
    because the face is easy to make the eyes get into the water, which will irritate the eyes. In severe cases, it will be inflamed
    n If the dog belongs to the long hair dog
    This on the face is too dirty, you can consider the place where it is easy to use the local hair dryer to blow to the place
    PS. Tips: Go to the supermarket to buy fried corn noodles, dipping a little dipping some The water is on the dog's hair, then sprinkle with corn surface, wrap it with hands or towels, rub it! Slowly, it will be clean, that is, to sweep the floor after rubbing ...

    Is when blowing hair
    The hair dryer should be left as far as possible, the wind is small, shake and change the place at any time to avoid the local temperature of the dog too fast dog Dogs are uncomfortable
    In some hair dryers will emit a difficult smell at high temperature. Generally, do not directly take the wind at the dog directly towards the dog, diagonal or swing
    The process ~

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