How to take a bath for the dog and what to wash the hair to fluffy and look good?

The four -month -old Husky, Mao is not long

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  1. Due to weak resistance, puppies are prone to respiratory infections, colds and pneumonia due to their cold. Therefore, the puppies within half years should not be water bath. It is advisable to dry them. Spray the conditioner and babies of babies with diluted 1,000 times diluted every day or the next day.
    This dogs are afraid of taking a bath, especially the Shapei dog is even more afraid of water. Therefore, we must do the training of the dog's first bath, fill the pot with warm water, put the dog into the pot, and show their heads and necks. This will make the dog feel comfortable and will not be unwilling to take a bath in the future.
    The correct bathing method is as follows: Stand the dog's head to your left side, block the left hand to the bottom of the dog's head to the chest, and fix the dog body. Put your right hand in the bathtub, and gently wet the order of the hips, back, abdomen, back, hind limbs, shoulders, and forelimbs, apply shampoo (preferably pet fragrance), rub it gently, use a comb, and quickly quickly use the comb. Gel, press the sides of the anus with your fingers before rinse, and squeeze the secretions of the anus glands. Use your left or right hand to cover your two ears from the lower palate, rinse it gently with water with water, pay attention to prevent the water from flowing into the ears, then rinse the body with water with water from the body, and immediately wrap it with a towel immediately with a towel. The head, dry the water. The long hair dog can be dried with a hair dryer. While the hair dryer, the hair should be combed. As long as the dog is not dry, it should be combed until the hair dry.
    The items should be paid attention to when bathing
    First, you must sort out the hair before taking a bath. The large dirt is removed, which is easy to wash. In particular, the parts around the mouth, behind the ear, under the armpit, the inside of the stock, and the tip of the toe. When combing, in order to reduce and avoid the pain of dogs, hold the root of the hair in one hand and sort out the other hand.
    Secondly, the temperature of bath water should not be too high and low. Generally, it is advisable to be 36-37 degrees in spring.
    Third, we must prevent flowing shampoo from the eyes or ears of the dog when taking a bath. It should be thoroughly flushed when flushing. Do not keep the soap foam or shampoo on the dog to prevent dermatitis from stirring the skin.
    Fourth, bathing the dog should be carried out in the morning or noon. Do not take a bath in the air humidity or rainy days. After washing, it should be dried up with a hair dryer or wiped with a towel. Do not put the dog after bathing in the sun.

  2. You can use ordinary dog ​​bath liquid. The key is that you often sort out him. This will not only remove the hair, dirt and dust that will be removed, but also to prevent the hair from being tied. , Promote blood circulation, enhance skin resistance, and prevent parasites and skin diseases.

  3. Want to make hair fluffy with bathing or bath waves, especially Xiao Husky. When you try to blow hair, you can blow up in the direction of the fur flowing. However, the effect may not be good, because the dog is too small, and the amount of hair and length is not enough. If you want to grow up, you can make up the dog's nutrition products for the dogs.

  4. The hair must be dried, and the method of combing is used when combing. Husky’s hair is not very fluffy. You are a four -month -old puppy. If you don't worry, you will be very beautiful. Those beautiful hair products can only play auxiliary role. not good. The most important thing is the gene of the dog itself.

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