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  1. The steps of the dog after taking a bath
    In the pet dog to take a bath, and then blow dry immediately. Otherwise, it may not only cause a cold, but even cause microbacteria and skin diseases. The following is the steps for the dogs to finish the shower and dried for everyone. Welcome everyone to read!
    Please prepare the following tools: hair dryer, pliers, row comb, needle comb, towels. The dried steps of the dog after bathing are:
    A. Cover the wet Husky with a towel to avoid the coolness of the Husky.
    B. Use a needle to comb the hair of the back of the Husky back with a needle and blow it with a hair dryer.
    C. Then blow dry neck. Comb the neck with a needle comb and blow dry.
    D. Blowing the hair and the face of the face. Change the row comb and comb the hair next to the nose and nose.
    E. blowing hair. Change the needle comb, comb the hair up, and blow dry while comb.
    F. blowing your feet. Hold the joints of the feet, lift the feet slightly, and blow dry while combing the hair.
    G. Blowing the hair under the armpit and abdomen. Lift the two forelimbs separately, use a needle comb, and blow dry while comb.
    H. blowing tail. Pull the tail, comb the hair with a needle, and blow dry.
    I. Blowing the inside and outside of the ears. _In combing the hair while combing the hair, remember to dry the inside of the ears.
    J. Check the inner hair of each part of the inner hair.

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