Ma Rong's careful layout revealed in Song Yan's prison. Wang Baoqiang finally couldn't sit still. Who couldn't stand it?

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  1. The farce of Wang Baoqiang and Song Yan and Ma Rong finally came to an end. Different people had different opinions on this matter. But the most injured person is Wang Baoqiang, an honest person. At the beginning of the situation, Wang Baoqiang decided to expose himself.
    This is destined to be like a very strong brand, and it is nailed to Wang Baoqiang. So far, Wang Baoqiang has not yet stepped out of this incident on his psychological impact.

    The entanglement between Wang Baoqiang, Ma Rong and Song Yan In 2016, Wang Baoqiang issued a divorce statement on a certain late night. This is not just a simple divorce statement, but also like a complaint.
    In this statement, Wang Baoqiang pointed out that his wife Ma Rong has long maintained an improper relationship between men and women with his agent. And the agent Song Yan will use his position to arrange unreasonable work for himself. These are not the focus. The focus is that Song Yan actually transferred Wang Baoqiang's property with Ma Rong.

    Wang Baoqiang's statement quickly fermented on the Internet. When everyone sympathized with Wang Baoqiang, some people suspected that this was Wang Baoqiang's hype. Because in the same year, Wang Baoqiang's first film "Dajue Tian Sheng" was about to be released immediately.
    The people think that Wang Baoqiang wants to use this matter to obtain everyone's sympathy. But I don't think so. For the sake of hype, Wang Baoqiang will not let netizens from the country know that they have been wearing a green hat. This is not a good thing that is worthy of preaching.

    When many people are watching the lively, Wang Baoqiang is actually very uncomfortable. Because he wants to sue Song Yan's position invasion and transfer the property with Ma Rong, you need to freeze all the funds under his name.
    So at that time, Wang Baoqiang's application basically did not have a penny. His money is generally kept to his wife. The online rumor was borrowed by Wang Baoqiang from Chen Baoqiang to Chen Sicheng. I have to say that Wang Baoqiang is really pitiful.

    The first netizens thought that this was a simple divorce lawsuit, the purpose was to divide the property. However, when the lawyers found by Wang Baoqiang were the top criminal case lawyers in the industry, they found that things were not so simple.
    Wang Baoqiang is going to send Ma Rong and Song Yan to prison. It can also be seen that Wang Baoqiang was really stimulated in this matter. I have to say that an honest person like Wang Baoqiang will be bullied by everyone.

    . Song Yan was imprisoned. Wang Baoqiang won his son's custody. Since 2016, Wang Baoqiang has been dealing with Ma Rong's own lawsuit between Ma Rong himself. Finally announced the results of the processing in 2018. Song Yan was imprisoned because of his duties, Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang divorced smoothly, and Wang Baoqiang fought for his son's right to raise.
    looks like Wang Baoqiang is a very good thing, but only Wang Baoqiang knows it. After this incident, Wang Baoqiang became super calm. And he devoted himself to work and no longer talk about feelings.

    The days after Song Yan was sent to the prison, and Ma Rong, who had committed these things with him, was even more difficult. After Ma Rong was divorced, he could get huge amounts of property, and Song Yan was not only sent to prison, but also faced huge compensation.
    So in the prison, Song Yan said that all this was actually Ma Rong lonely and hooked him. Calculate all the mistakes of the two people on Ma Rong's head.

    But for the masses, everyone does not particularly want Song Yan. Because he and Ma Rong's harm to Wang Baoqiang were not able to say that he could simply shirk responsibility.
    Although Ma Rong is a particularly abominable woman, Song Yan is not as innocent as he said. For Song Yan, it is the right thing to reflect on what you do in it. It is necessary to perform well and strive to get out of prison as soon as possible.

    The summary from the disputes between Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong and Ma Rong, Song Yan, can be seen that those who betray you are often your person. Wang Baoqiang did ignore the family's dedication because of work.
    , but no matter what, this is not the reason why Ma Rong and Song Yan bully him. Ma Rong's reputation was completely destroyed, and Mrs. Kuo didn't do it. She had to do those exciting things.
    For Wang Baoqiang, after such a thing happened, he should not believe in love anymore. This is one of the reason why Wang Baoqiang is particularly low -key now. I hope Wang Baoqiang can get out of the shadow of this matter earlier.

  2. Wang Baoqiang is a well -recognized actor. In terms of acting, Wang Baoqiang has also been seeking a diversified direction.
    Preshids when Wang Baoqiang's career was smooth, Wang Baoqiang's agent and Song Yan and Wang Baoqiang's wife Ma Ronggou were put together!
    Song Yan and Ma Rong not only wore "green hats" for Wang Baoqiang, but also used various means to obtain Wang Baoqiang's huge property.
    and Wang Baoqiang finally sent Song Yan to prison by relying on legal weapons, and Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong successfully divided the property, which also allowed most of Wang Baoqiang's property to recover!
    The as it is that when this incident has been announced, Song Yan broke the news that some inside story about himself and Ma Rong.
    "Song Yan believes that he has been coerced by Ma Rong. If it wasn't for Ma Rong, he would not have the bold property of Wang Baoqiang."
    . Song Yan's breaking news pushed all responsibilities to Ma Rong! As the two parties of the incident, the final ending of Song Yan and Ma Rong appeared very different!
    . Song Yan was severely punished by the law because he swallowed the property of others, but Ma Rong was able to completely avoid legal sanctions and eventually divided into tens of millions of property.
    can be said to be due to the different results gaps, which caused Song Yan to "hate because of love because of love", so Song Yan broke the news that some so -called "shocking inside scenes".
    Song Yan is not to wash his innocence, but to drag Ma Rong into the quagmire!
    Because Ma Rong did not come to see himself once after Song Yan was jailed, and Ma Rong lived a very free life now, which also made Song Yan resentful and thought that he was horses. Rong used it!
    but in the incident of swallowing Wang Baoqiang's property, Song Yan and Ma Rong have an unprepared responsibility. This law also gives a very fair judgment, so Song Yan's breaking news is completely a "dog jumping wall" approach. Essence
    The people said that Wang Baoqiang couldn't sit still when he heard Song Yan's breaking news, but I think this statement is not accurate!
    . Wang Baoqiang "can't sit still" is very angry about what Song Yan and Ma Rong do! Ma Rong's derailment, Song Yan and Ma Rong's invasion of Wang Baoqiang's property have passed for a long time. Now Wang Baoqiang has already been lighter about these two things.
    Because of the most important thing for Wang Baoqiang to raise children, Ma Rong and Song Yan have nothing to do with himself.
    Although Wang Baoqiang may feel very angry after hearing Song Yan's breaking news, I think Wang Baoqiang will no longer put Song Zhe's remarks again.
    Because such remarks will not only bring positive significance to Wang Baoqiang's life, but will make Wang Baoqiang's heart suffer more pain.
    of course Wang Baoqiang's "unable to sit" is also derived from the disappointment of Song Yan and Ma Rong!
    Because Wang Baoqiang is very good for Song Yan and Ma Rong, Wang Baoqiang completely handed over his work to Song Yan and Ma Rong to take care of it, but the two people who thought the closest were to hurt themselves. The deepest person.
    The things to be happy is that Wang Baoqiang has come out of the shadow of Song Yan and Ma Rong incidents, and Song Zhe and Ma Rong have been condemned and punished by law and morality.
    For Wang Baoqiang, only if you continue to look forward can you make your life better and better!
    . Song Yan is the only person in this incident! Wang Baoqiang, Song Yan, and Ma Rong in the incident have different endings!
    Wang Baoqiang recovered most of the property, and Wang Baoqiang also received the support and support of the public.
    Ma Rong has harvested a part of the property, which also allows Ma Rong to achieve freedom of wealth.
    only Song Yan's end of the jail!
    The years of prison disaster will inevitably make Song Yan pay a painful price.
    many years of prison punishment will not only make Song Yan be free for a long time, but also make Song Yan's social value worse and worse.
    For Song Zhe, who was accustomed to, he could not bear the pain of prison.
    , in my opinion, Song Yan's ending is the result of the blame. If Song Yan can help Wang Baoqiang, then Wang Baoqiang will definitely give Song Yan a very good return.
    . Song Yan was confused by Ma Rong, and Song Yan did not firmly firm his position, so Song Yan finally paid a very painful price!
    although Ma Rong, another person in the incident, was not punished by criminal punishment, but I think Ma Rong will not be better than Song Yan in the future.
    Because in modern society, personal word of mouth is also very important. In this incident, Ma Rong's image was destroyed, which also made Ma Rong unable to continue in society at all.
    The summary although Wang Baoqiang was hurt in this incident, but I also believe that Wang Baoqiang also has the ability to get out of the damage to bring himself.
    Wang Baoqiang's encounter was sympathetic to everyone. Not only because Wang Baoqiang was a very good actor, but also because Wang Baoqiang was a very upright person.
    So when Wang Baoqiang, who is upright and excellent, encountered such a big setback, all netizens will choose to stand on the side of Wang Baoqiang!
    The people like Song Yan and Ma Rong will inevitably be cast aside and condemned by the whole society!

  3. Speaking of Ma Rong, Song Yan Wang Baoqiang, I believe that everyone knows that one is the most trustworthy agent and the other is his beloved wife. The relationship between the three people is believed to be unable to give up.
    Ma Rong's careful layout in Song Yan's prison. It is said that Song Yan was very ill during the prison during the Spring Festival, maybe because he could not stand the hard wood bed and food in the prison. It is always unacceptable to think that his annual salary of millions of salary is always held in prisons. This day lasted another six years, and it was difficult to imagine. After visiting the prison, Song Yan revealed that Song Yan was sometimes controlled by Ma Rong.
    At that time, he dared to misappropriate the company's funds, and behind Ma Rong's operation. He also said that the relationship with Ma Rong was due to drunk behavior. Once such a thing happens, it will be out of control, and the final defeat is controlled by Ma Rong. Ma Rong also issued a statement saying that he had nothing to do with Song Yan. She also resolutely said that she and her ex -husband Wang Baoqiang had only one couple in her life. In fact, as usual, what people say is true and false, no longer important.
    Song Yan revealed that there is only one purpose. You are not unreasonable. This is revenge on Ma Rong. Song Yan said that in fact, he did not think so much. Many tricks were made by Ma Rong. After doing the scene, Wang Baoqiang has financial resources in the end of the year, which also gives Wang Baoqiang a chance to betray Wang Baoqiang. Song Zhe admitted that he had feelings for himself, but also drank. It also revealed that Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang's marriage was not because of love, but to see his great future. As soon as the information came out, netizens immediately exploded, because it was very likely to confess in such a situation.
    , Ma Rong, one of the parties, has always been active in the public's sight, but Wang Baoqiang is the most injured person and looks very decadent. The reason why Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang come together are nothing more than an over -confidence of admiring vanity. Such a problem is that the over -confidence party can't keep the party's vanity side in the end. As a result, it is like now.
    Wang Baoqiang has become popular early. He has established his position in the film and television industry by relying on "No Thieves in the World" and "Soldiers Assault". One time he went to the show somewhere, and the recording backstage just met Ma Rong who was intern. At that time, the young and beautiful Ma Rong suddenly attracted Wang Baoqiang, and the two left the contact information. After the recording of the show, the two began to contact frequently, and finally came together naturally.
    It, although Wang Baoqiang is a successful first -line actor, from the perspective of his partner, he is not a very attractive man on the perspective of his partner. Therefore, from the perspective of Ma Rong, she would have more curiosity and longing for big stars at the time, and even vanity. To set up a family based on such starting sites, once Wang Baoqiang could not satisfy Ma Rong's vanity, the contradiction broke out completely.
    Wang Baoqiang's infinite tolerance of Ma Rong was in Wang Baoqiang's marriage. He couldn't see Ma Rong appreciate Wang Baoqiang, but saw Wang Baoqiang infinitely tolerant of Ma Rong. In order to hold the beauty, Wang Baoqiang actually compromised and agreed with Ma Rong's ex -boyfriend as a broker. You must know that the relationship between Ma Rong and Song Yan was the intervention of Wang Baoqiang's intervention! How many wives dare to propose to her husband's request to hire the ex -boyfriend she still loves? And Wang Baoqiang should know that this kind of work can make them get along alone!
    Wang Baoqiang can blame Wang in public in the family, who is a machine that makes money, but Wang Baoqiang does not care; even his daughter can blame his father, showing that his status in the family is very incompatible with his identity as the master of the family. Essence And this low status is Wang Baoqiang's indulgence with Ma Rong's unimportantly pleasure and closing.
    Preval women who are yearning for fame and fortune will try to get closer to those related to the fame and fortune. For example, some unknown actresses In order to get the opportunity of outbound acting, the hidden rules of dedication are almost well known to everyone Sometimes dedication may not be able to achieve. Before Beiying's group friends also talked about making money on the director's production of money, it may not be able to get a good role and a good drama. It can be seen how attractive these people are in the entertainment industry! Later, everyone knew that Ma Rong successfully conducted project investment in real estate through the relationship between Wang Baoqiang. During the marriage relationship, Ma Rong did not have Shao Hua Baoqiang's money. What famous brand clothes and brand bags , Brand -name jewelry, spending money on big hands and big feet without concealment.
    Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong's love must have feelings, especially Wang Baoqiang's feelings for Ma Rong. It is the so -called love of love. Wang Baoqiang met Ma Rong when he became famous. Sincerely. After that, the two got married and had children, and the company handed over to Ma Rong Dali. The trust in Ma Rong was enough to see.

  4. Chen Sicheng once commented on Wang Baoqiang: "He is a rare person among all the stars in the entertainment industry."
    The vast number of people who may hear this sentence will refute instantly. "Although Wang Baoqiang although Wang Baoqiang It is the background of the rural children. It is not easy to walk step by step to the red and purple, but it seems that this word does not seem to use him? "Regarding this controversy, I don’t express my personal views. After all There are also some personal scandals that are difficult to cover up.
    If see the "Wang Baoqiang Ma Rong divorce case" in 2016 alone. In this matter, almost everyone is a kind of sympathy and pitiful attitude. After all, his wife Ma Rong and himself The agent Song Yan has been traveled many times. What is even more unacceptable is that the partnership between the two has led to the fire in the backyard -Wang Baoqiang's assets of up to several billion were secretly transferred by this embarrassing two.

    It what was the point of Wang Baoqiang at that time? It is said that when Wang Baoqiang sued Ma Rong to derail Song Yan and transfer his property in 2016, Bao Qiang even failed to pay the lawyer's fee and prosecution fee. Everyone imagined that Wang Baoqiang at that time was so miserable. In view of this emotion, we thought about Ma Rong and Song Yan at the time, which was really too much.
    It is okay, Bao Qiang's dignity and property were finally retained under the fair trial of the law. Although the final ending: Ma Rong lost the lawsuit and received tens of millions of marriage property. For the treasures of almost people who almost wealth, losing their wives, and a fortune, such an ending is already very good.
    In legal arbitration, Ma Rong and Song Yan also received the punishment. The heaviest punishment seemed to be out of the behind -the -scenes black hand -Ma Rong; only the derailment object Song Yan tasted the serious punishment of imprisonment and compensation. Essence When Song Yan was imprisoned, what was Ma Rong's punishment? Seeing Ma Rong's look, I even wanted to ask: Where is Ma Rong's punishment?
    Whmong, Ma Rong derailed Song Yan and Baoqiang Ma Rong divorce case, who is behind the scenes? It seems that Song Yan has received the worst punishment, but is it really Song Yan behind the scenes? On the spot in 2016, in fact, I had this question, so that Song Yan was imprisoned, and the answer in my heart finally emerged: Ma Rong, who was out of the way, was the most unforgiving person.

    The crime of Song Yan was the crime of power. The court was sentenced to 6 years in prison according to law. It is expected to be released from prison in 2023. Millions of compensation. When Song Yan was imprisoned for three years, it was said that when his family and friends visited Song Yan, Song Yan broke the news.
    The so -called amazing inside story in Song Yan's mouth is nothing more than shirk all responsibilities to Ma Rong. This kind of thing does not seem to have to think about it. But is Song Yan's mouth that is really so simple as we imagine? Song Yan originally had a happy family, and was also Wang Baoqiang's agent, which can be said to be extremely happy.

    The fox tail of Ma Rong and Song Yan was exposed, accompanied by Bao Qiang's prosecution, Song Yan Ma Rong's good day will eventually reach the end. The moment Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rongguan announced the divorce, then welcomed Song Yan's wife and his divorce, and then, Song Yan's millions of compensation and the ending of Jun Dang was imprisoned. On the other hand, his associate Ma Rong, with his daughter, holding tens of millions of dollars, but in addition to the law, from time to time, he also appeared in the live broadcast room, and from time to time, he also updated the dynamic on Weibo.
    Mo Song Yan, who has been lonely in prison for three years, how can Song Yan be able to bear it? Therefore, Song Yan's inside story with Ma Rong was completely reasonable.
    Song Yan can become Wang Baoqiang's agent, and it is unambiguous that more than 90%of the credit is Ma Rong. If there was no Mapa's beautiful words, Song Yan would never become Bao Qiang's agent. In the early days of serving as Bao Qiang's agent, Song Yan just wanted to do this position as well, but on the wine bureau, he fell into the trap that Ma Rong set himself.

    According to Song Yan himself, he never thought of transferring Wang Baoqiang's assets at all. It is difficult to imagine that it is difficult to derail Ma Rong, but with Ma Rong's catering. Extremely smooth. But Ma Rong's ambitions really stopped here? Never!
    The reason why Ma Rong saw Song Yan was entirely because he wanted to use his agent's identity to transfer Wang Baoqiang's assets. This was also confirmed after that. In addition, Song Yan also hoped to meet Wang Baoqiang and apologize to him sincerely.
    M Song Yan is commonplace, and most people can understand. If Wang Baoqiang hear Song Yan's words, do you think Wang Baoqiang's reaction will be fierce? Personally, I do n’t think it ’s a conclusion on the one hand, and it has been a few years. Even if Song Yan now has the behind -the -scenes tray of this incident, what can it be changed for Wang Baoqiang?

    , on the other hand, since Wang Baoqiang was determined to divorce Ma Rong at the time, Ma Rong also took a bite, sued Baoqiang to court, and threw it out of her remarks with many domestic violence. Essence It can be seen that Ma Rong did not want to be forgiven by Wang Baoqiang at all. Since Baoqiang sued, Ma Rong must have to fight the net. After all, Ma Rong's focus is Wang Baoqiang's property.
    So for Wang Baoqiang, Ma Rong didn't want to ask for forgiveness to return to good. Even if you know that the whole thing is a game carefully set up by Ma Rong?

    looking at the whole situation, in fact, the worst is Song Ye, but Song Yan's ending is more sin. If Ma Rong and Song Yan really love each other, then you will feel that after Song Yanlang is imprisoned, Ma Rong will still be happy and reveal his happiness everyday?

  5. I have always liked Wang Baoqiang, because I think he is a very inspirational actor. From the grass -roots dragon to the front -line stars, there are countless sins. Wang Baoqiang was very successful in his career, but he was injured by a marriage.
    The changes in his marriage at that time were full of trouble. His agent Song Yan and his wife Ma Rong hooked together, not only grabbing people but also hate. Now that many years have passed, the three people's love and hate entanglement is still attracted much attention.
    (1) Song Yan eats his fruit. In the prison, Ma Rong's elaborate layout Song Yan was Wang Baoqiang's agent and good friend, but the agent was so angry that he was so angry. He dug Wang Baoqiang's corner and invaded his property. Being able to become Wang Baoqiang's agent must be Wang Baoqiang very trusted, it is such a person's harm to Wang Baoqiang.
    The was arrested by the public security organs because of suspected crimes of occupation. In the process of trial, Song Yan pleaded guilty. As the so -called "Tiandao cycle, uncomfortable retribution", what Song Yan did not only violated the law, but also violated the law, and was eventually sanctioned by law.
    Song Yan was imprisoned, and Ma Rong, who was related to him, still lived and comfortable outside. After Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang divorced, her life was not much affected. At least she was free, and she was not trapped like Song Yan. Ma Rong's status in recent years is still good. He has his own career, and occasionally bring the goods live.
    The lives of Song Yan and Ma Rong are very different, so there are rumors on the Internet that Song Yan exploded the careful layout of Ma Rong in prison. The so -called carefully layout means that there are big characters behind Ma Rong, and give her a plan. In order to get the greatest benefit from Wang Baoqiang, he came up with many tricks. The purpose of Song Yan's explosion is because he is unbalanced in his heart, and he doesn't want others to be better.
    of course, all this is rumors and guess, which is not credible. Song Yan is serving his sentence. How can there be this opportunity to expose Ma Rong's careful layout. Then again, the matter of the two was actually breaking the shoes. How could there be any careful layout, but in the end, the two were revealed.
    (2) Wang Baoqiang's unable to sit still in the past. Now his life has a new improvement. After the Song Yan and Ma Rong incident are exposed, Wang Baoqiang's blow must be very large. At that time, he rarely appeared in public, and his acting career stopped. He was dealing with Ma Rong's divorce, and he was also healing. Fortunately, in the end, the bad guys got the punishment they had, and Wang Baoqiang gradually came out of the haze.
    Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong have become the past. Presumably, he doesn't want to talk about it now, and time has slowly diluted it all. Now Wang Baoqiang's life has made new improvements, and his career is still in full swing. His feelings also have a new beginning, and many fans are blessing and encouraging him.
    Wang Baoqiang has a very good friend now, her name is Feng Qian. Feng Qian is not only beautiful, but also very capable. She graduated from the University of Berkeley University of Popular Fashion Market Management and is now an executive director and general manager of Shenzhen Chihiro Phantoming Technology Co., Ltd. The two were photographed by the media more than once, and they were likely to come together.
    (3) Those things that have not been able to stand up will eventually pass, and time will fade all the divorce incidents of Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong. Nowadays, people related to the incident have already had a new life. Wang Baoqiang and his girlfriend Feng Qian's life is very sweet, and his acting career is still very good. After Ma Rong's divorce, the state gradually recovered. After all, she was rich in hand, she couldn't get together, and her life was very comfortable.
    If you have to say that there is a person who can't stand it, it must be Song Yan. After all, he is still eating dinner now, and it must be a good day. However, after he was released from prison, his life would tend to be bland, and everything had to start from scratch.
    Those contradictions will eventually be diluted by time, and life must continue. Those things that can't be stunned will eventually pass. Those unpleasant things are still forgotten. I think Wang Baoqiang has put down this matter. He is now very chic, and his feelings and career are harvested. It was very rational that he did not do too much at first, and some people were really not worth losing their minds.
    The end of the word: Wang Baoqiang, Song Yan, and Ma Rong have passed for many years, and the melon has been eaten, there is no need to reflect on it again. Now they have their own lives, and who can not stop it with outsiders. I think it ’s good to be a person. Do n’t engage in the dirty things that dig the walls and occupy other people’ s property.

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